Monday, October 25

“A referendum for the independence of Catalonia goes against the Constitution, and the world we live in”




He began by assuring that his would be “a short and true speech”, because “here what matters is what we hear next”, alluding to the interventions of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, re-elected as head of the PP of Galicia, and Pablo Casado , but the speech of the former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has left several depth charges directed at the Sánchez cabinet. Strong words, at the beginning of the closing of the 17 autonomous congress of the PPdeG, held this weekend in Santiago, such as those used to refer to a hypothetical referendum in Catalonia: argue too much about this matter. A referendum for independence, a referendum to exercise the right of self-determination it goes against the Spanish Constitution, against the laws, against the world we live in and it is not possible».

«There will never be, whoever the Prime Minister is, an independence referendum, because it is illegal, because sovereignty corresponds to all Spaniards, to all without exception, and only they can dispose of their country “, has abounded. And it is convenient that, with the sole objective of buying time, not create too many problems. It would be a mistake to create false expectations about holding a referendum. It was only going to create frustration and confrontation ”, he indicated in reference to Pedro Sánchez.

Rajoy has placed Catalonia as one of the three issues that most concern Spaniards at the moment. The first cannot be other than to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Beyond asking citizens to do “on their side”, he has pointed directly to the central Executive. «If there are no vaccines, or they don’t get enough, that’s what the Government of Spain is for, to assume responsibilities in difficult moments, as others did on other occasions ».

As a second key point, «overcome the economic crisis“, And here he stressed that” the recipe for more spending, more taxes and more regulation never got anyone out of any crisis, and that is exactly what is being done here. ” Rajoy has called «work on a plan to reduce the deficit“And regretted that” there is nothing of that. ” “The structural reforms that were carried out in their day are necessary”, but those that Sánchez undertakes, he added, are “to go back”, as with pensions, “simply a reversal that will generate, and if not at the same time , many problems in the future ».

Along the same lines, in the sharpest part of the speech, Rajoy has censored that «In the Government of Spain there is too much politics of tweet, headline and propaganda, too many problems in the Government even though Pablo Iglesias has left. There are still too many problems, inside and outside, with the TS, now with the TC (…). And there is too much kick to the dictionary, the todes, the children, too much artist of the Spanish language in the Council of Ministers ».

Rajoy has positioned Feijóo as the face of a coin whose cross is the central government. «With Alberto Núñez Feijóo and his Government we can be calm (…); The same does not happen when we look at others that travel 600 kilometers from here. Those, instead of making people calm, they get on their nerves. And the only thing that can help us in a circumstance like that is that we Spaniards know and know that there is a sensible alternative for the future, which is the PP and Pablo Casado, whom we are all going to help, each one in whatever way they can » , has turned the speech in support of the national leader of the party, attentive in the front row to the words of Rajoy.

The former president of the Government and the PP has regretted that the “priorities today are set by them”, the Government, after reeling off what it considers to be the three main current objectives. But he is convinced that «If they don’t do what needs to be done, and they don’t do it well, we will do it very soon.. It is true that after having wasted time (…) which is precious, ”he closed.

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