Sunday, December 5

A ‘reggae night’ in an empty stadium

  • Jamaica takes the women’s 100-meter podium with Elaine Thompson-Herah ahead of the favorite, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

  • Tryvon Bromell suffers to pass the hectometer qualifying rounds and Eusebio Cáceres gets into the length final

Without Usain Bolt, without Jimmy Cliff, but on another reggae night, Jamaica managed to grab the podium in the first Olympic final of 100 meters in an empty stadium. This time with Elaine Thompson-Herah screaming excitedly after revalidating her Rio Olympic title with a time of 10.61 seconds, the second best mark ever. The already two-time Olympic champion is thus only behind the 10.49 of Florence Giffith, who snatched the Olympic record established by the American in Seoul-88 (10.62). The favourite, Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce, He took the silver that he lacked after his two golds in Beijing and London and the bronze in Rio, but he was left without the gold that he caressed after the 10.62 that he credited this year.

The little Jamaican rocket was not, however, for parties. She tried to get close to her rival in the middle of the straight, but Thompson-Herah finished full, waving with her arm stretched out in a Bolt plan before crossing the finish line, displacing Fraser-Pryce from second place of the best of all time by a single hundredth and depriving her to be the first woman with an Olympic triplet in the same distance.

The third Jamaican, Shericka Jackson (10.76), the bronze was hung coming from behind to achieve a result to remember. The Jamaican sprinters now occupy the sporting prominence that their male companions had during the brilliant stage led by Usain bolt. Oblique Seville Y Yohan blake they passed the 100-meter knockout heats without bragging but barely counted for the moment of truth. Neither did the presumed favorite, Tryvon Bromell, who was about to miss out on this Sunday’s final (14.50 hours in Spain).

Bromell, repeated fish

The American ran his qualifying series playing with fire. The fourth place with 10.04 seconds it did not guarantee the pass to him because it was not between the first three. His time above 10 seconds placed him on the edge of the Olympic cliff. He had to wait until the result of the seventh and last elimination series of 100 to breathe easy because only three were classified by time.

Bromell’s insipid career did not reveal if the Florida sprinter hides his cards, saves gunpowder for the finals this Sunday or an inopportune injury, again, stalks a talented but fragile athlete, a modern Achilles with two surgeries on his heel. What is clear is that his status as a favorite for the final seems to be cracking in favor of his training partner. From Grasse, Jacobs and team Fred kerley, all three below 10 seconds in this Saturday’s series.

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Cáceres, in the final of length

The Alicante jumper Eusebio Cáceres achieved a promising go to the final by being ninth with 7.98 meters. In the same eliminatory event, JuVaughn Harrison He registered the fifth best jump (8.13 meters) of all the participants and ended up being the only American jumper to qualify. Take a firm step like this to achieve your goal, jump in two finals and qualify for the medals in a vertical jump and a horizontal jump. The first, this Sunday, in the high jump (12:10 Spanish time). And on Monday in the longitude final, with ‘El Saltamontes de Onil’ and the Cuban Juan Miguel Echevarría, clear favorite after qualifying yesterday with a first jump of 8.50.

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