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A report brings the number of unsolved murders of ETA to 378




The Dignity and Justice association has prepared a report in which it raises up to 378 the fatalities of the terrorist group ETA whose murders have not been officially clarified to date. Specifically, this estimate includes all those murders in which there has not been a trial or a final sentence that left, black on white, who was the executioner.

The number of murders committed by ETA is always diffuse, but according to the most recent counts it would be around 857. When comparing both figures it is extracted that practically half, specifically 44 percent of the crimes, are not officially clarified .

They all have something in common, as explained by Daniel Portero, president of Dignidad y Justicia. In no case do the families affected have a sentence or any other official document resulting from a trial in which it is exposed who the person or individuals were, if they acted in a group, who ended the life of their loved one: they have had neither trial nor sentence neither material authors, nor inducers, nor leaders of the attack, “laments the also PP deputy in the Madrid Assembly and son of the prosecutor Luis Portero, murdered in 2000.

The data comes into play at a delicate moment, at least for the Government, which recently, and despite repeated refusals by Pedro Sánchez, has relied on Bildu to try to carry out its Budgets. The legality of the radical coalition is not in doubt, but there are shadows on the moral aspect that the PSOE decides to agree with a reluctant party to condemn a good number of the attacks by ETA, the gang that, decades ago, murdered leaders and Socialist councilors.

Within this framework, the approaches of ETA prisoners to prisons closer to the Basque Country also occur practically weekly. Behind these movements there is a trace of blood that translates into more than 90 years of assassinations perpetrated by ETA members who have benefited from the policy of rapprochement promoted by the Government.

The amnestied

The Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT), in another similar study presented at the end of 2018, placed 36% of the murders of the gang that were still unsolved, putting them at 307. The difference between this investigation and that of Dignidad and Justice lies, as the Portero himself remarks, in that his organization also includes the murders of ETA members who were amnestied by the 1977 law. “One thing is that there is an amnesty and another thing is that the victims know who was the author of the murders “, qualifies the president

Likewise, Dignidad y Justicia considers some examples likely to be included in this tragic relationship of unsolved murders, such as the case of Carrero Blanco, in which the murderers are perfectly identified in the collective ideology, but in which there is neither an official confirmation that formally attributes the responsibility of the murder.

Four decades

The list makes a complete journey through the criminal years of ETA and it contains 378 murders. They range from Fermín Monasterio, whom the terrorists killed in 1969 in Arrigorriaga (Vizcaya), to the double crime of the national policemen Diego Salvá and Carlos Sáenz de Tejado, whom they killed in Palmanova (Mallorca) in 2009.

In total, it is about four decades of terror that, apart from the pain inflicted on the victims at the time, when they all lost a father or mother, their wife or husband, a child or a friend, do not translate into the consolation of recognizing, officially and with a name and surname, the identity of the murderer.

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