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A robotics company plans to create 11,000 jobs linked to the Army Logistics Base

The implementation of Robocord, the city of terrestrial and aerial robotics, in Córdoba for test drones and ground robots, and thus support the Army Logistics Base and other companies would generate 11,000 jobs job, according to the estimates provided this Thursday by Sergio Roman, CFO of the engineering company Star Defence Logistics & Engineering (SDLE), who has addressed this initiative in the Employability Convention organized by the Social Council of the University of Córdoba, the Confederation of Entrepreneurs and Fundecor at the headquarters of the employer’s association.

Román has detailed that the objective is to finance this initiative with fondos Next Generation (specifically, through a Strategic Recovery and Economic Transformation Project) and which are already in talks with institutions and public administrations to prepare the project, which would be managed by a public-private consortium. “The objective is to implant Robocord in Córdoba to make it a unique project and place Spain with the only center of that size and so specialized “, he specified.

This action would imply the use of Cordoba airport, “being the first specialized in drone flight“In addition, Román has pointed out that” the Logistics Base is a pole of attraction. Instead of putting the auxiliary industry in a dispersed way, the idea is to concentrate it there and add more companies and more talent. To be a world reference in terrestrial and aerial robotics. Attract the auxiliary industries to the area of ​​the logistics base, “he concluded.

SDLE’s CFO recalled that this firm makes drones and works in the El Higuerón logistics base repairing the RG31 military vehicle “for many years” and “we are already robotizing the M113 military vehicle”. Thus, in reference to the impulse of the new project, he explained that “when you robotize a vehicle the problem you find is that you don’t have any specialized installation to test it“, hence the idea of ​​promoting the new infrastructures.

“A brutal opportunity for the business fabric”

For his part, the Colonel Chief of the Civilian Personnel Section of the Army, Francisco Luis Polo, has participated in the convention with the presentation Jobs around the Military Logistics Base and the adaptation of the city, and has stated that it is still working on the development of the templates necessary, which will include, as is already known, around 1,100 jobs for civilians (of these, about 200 could be civil servants and the rest, labor personnel), and another 500 for the military.

In reference to the positions that can be occupied by civilian personnel, he has detailed that “there will be open and permanent competitions in which the places can be published and they can opt for them from other centers, but then there are those with free access, which are people that comes from the street. That is published in the State official newsletter”.

In this way, he has specified that those people who have an interest in working in the facilities “will have to oppose public employment offers to access a position in the General Administration of the State destined for the future logistical base either for civil servant or for permanent work personnel. “Francisco Luis Polo has commented that also there is the option of hiring temporary, “but according to very particular conditions”.

IT, mechanics and warehouse workers, highly demanded profiles

Consulted by professional profiles that may be needed, he stressed that this is “an immense range”, citing, by way of example, computer scientists, automotive mechanics, stockists and professionals for the central laboratory. “Defense has a very wide range to be able to work, it is the great unknown and perhaps the one that scares the most, but this Ministry has a range of impressive job possibilities“, has assured.

The colonel chief of the Civilian Personnel section of the Army has also claimed that “the project represents a brutal opportunity for the launch of business fabric of Córdoba “, reminding businessmen that” there is a recruitment platform where everything is published. Cheer up and bidThey are contracts of a very important entity, “he said.

He has also pointed out that “the city has to put the batteriesIt has to adapt certain infrastructures and offer possibilities. Very good times are coming. “Thus, it has abounded in that” 1,600 people assigned to the base, plus all the support service … there may be three thousand or more people coming and going. They are going to have traffic jams“, he predicted, concluding that” the effect produced by deploying a military unit in a locality is impressive, not only due to direct investment, but also due to indirect costs “.

This Friday the commission to train workers is constituted

Polo’s intervention also had the participation of Blanca Torrent, president of the Municipal Institute for Economic Development and Employment (Imdeec), who has advanced that Friday morning the commission driven to work in the training and the employment related to the Logistics Base.

In the words addressed to the attendees, this municipal official highlighted that part of the employment will go to People with disabilitiesTherefore, “we are meeting with groups”, and has also stated that they have detected “the need for our companies to know what it is to work with public bodies”, for which they have started training.

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