Thursday, May 26

A scientific program to improve the health of all

Since last year, our Hispanic Federation has collaborated with the All of Us Scientific Program, whose objective is to provide scientific researchers with more and better data on how genetics, the environment and lifestyle affect life. Health. For this, the Program requires the participation of at least one million people of various origins and locations in the country. The goal of our collaboration with the All of Us Scientific Program is for it to obtain sufficient information about the Latino community, which constitutes almost 17 percent of the US population, but for which scientists do not have an adequate volume of data.

One reason for this lack of representation in medical studies is that many Latinos do not trust that their privacy will be respected.

“The participants in this Scientific Program share information in different ways,” explains Jonathan Rodriguez, Health Outreach Coordinator for the Hispanic Federation. “These include electronic health records and surveys, blood, urine or saliva samples, and more. But it is very important to clarify that any information that can identify the participant is removed from the data before it is sent to the All of Us Research Center. “

“Precision medicine,” says Rodriguez, “is based on each patient as an individual, and takes into account their environment, their way of life, their medical history, and personal and family genetic characteristics. The goal of All of Us is to learn why people get sick and how they stay healthy, in order to develop new treatments. “

By the way, the program, which is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, has already begun to provide genetic results to those who provided those biological samples. The origin and genetic characteristics of each person can facilitate the early diagnosis and subsequent treatment of various health conditions. This first step reflects the priority that the Program gives to the return of information to volunteers. Later, in addition to receiving genetic information, participants will be able to obtain results related to their health.

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More importantly, everyone’s participation in this enormous scientific endeavor helps to better understand the individual and collective health of our entire community.

That is why I encourage all people over 18 who are interested in receiving information or participating in the All Of Us Scientific Program to call our toll-free, bilingual line at 1-844-432-9832.

If you want more information about our federation, visit, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Hispanic Federation together, and see you next column!

Frankie Miranda is the president of the Hispanic Federation

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