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A sentence dissuades a gang of poachers that was depleting the beaches of Pontevedra

Month after month, week after week, the Local Police of Poio, the Seprona of the Civil Guard, the guards of the brotherhoods and even the shellfishmen themselves they had to face an organized group of poachers (almost always the same, mostly neighbors of Poio) That day in and day out, shellfish concessions at the bottom of the Pontevedra estuary were being depleted.

However, both police and security forces have recently detected something that seemed unthinkable. Justice has managed to dissuade, at least for the moment, these poachers from returning to the sea. It did so through a pioneering sentence in the Pontevedra area in which, in addition to convicting poachers for a crime against the environment and natural resources, they are imposed a restraining order from certain beaches and shellfish banks where, if found, could incur more serious penalties.

“Since they informed us of the existence of this sentence, they are almost not seen, it seems that they took something in the middle,” they indicate from the Brotherhood of San Telmo


This is confirmed by sources from the Poio Local Police and the San Telmo de Pontevedra Brotherhood, who point out that, since this resolution was issued, the activity of this organized group has ceased or, at least, is not as blatant as it has been before. a few months. “The truth is that since we were informed of the existence of this sentence some isolated poachers can be detected, but the truth is that we cannot complain, at least in our Beaches We no longer see them, it seems they got a little scared “, indicates César Rodríguez, senior patron of the Brotherhood of San Telmo de Pontevedra. And it is that if they reiterate their criminal attitude they could even end up in prison.

The same confirms the Local Police of Poio, which observes isolated cases, but an organized activity like the one that existed before this sentence was produced, of which they also have evidence. Both his reports and those made by the Seprona of the Civil Guard were key in the judicial procedure.

These court rulings are relatively new in the Pontevedra estuary. But There are already precedents of other judicial sentences that imply an order to remove poachers from the beaches where they extract illegal seafood in Galicia. It happened in 2016 with a very aggressive poacher from Ribeira whose sanction was ratified by the Provincial Court. In September of this year the case was repeated with two poachers from Boiro who were denounced by the Brotherhood of Cabo de Cruz.

In the case of Pontevedra, The Court already estimated in 2019 an appeal from the Prosecutor’s Office in which it asked to investigate this repeated crime of poaching in large quantities and organized as a crime against the environment and natural resources.

Low seafood prices leave a disappointing Christmas season

On the other hand, the Christmas season was disappointingly closed for shellfish farming at the bottom of the Pontevedra estuary. For the afloat sector, which bases its catches on the slimy clam, December was not good at all due to the entry of foreign shellfish. As for the shellfish on foot, who mostly work in Japan, the month started with hope and good prices (about 14 euros per kilo) but ended at just over seven euros, when last year it was sold at 24 yuan. 30.

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