Thursday, May 19

A solidarity campaign to collect glass against breast cancer starts in El Campello

The mayor of the Environment with the two igloos of the campaign

The mayor of the Environment with the two igloos of the campaign

An initiative of Ecovidrio, supported by El Campello, in collaboration with the Sandra Ibarra Foundation, in the fight Against the breast cancer. This afternoon, the Department of Social Welfare and Women, led by the mayor Mercé Pairó (Cs) and Ecovidrio, the non-profit entity in charge of managing the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain, presented at a press conference “Recycle glass for them”, the solidarity campaign in favor of the Sandra Ibarra Foundation and its fight against breast cancer.

For this, Ecovidrio has installed of the pink igloos for glass recycling in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Some containers that will remain in said location until November, about four weeks during which all the glass containers that are received will be transformed by the entity into a donation for the “Sandra Ibarra Foundation for Solidarity Against Cancer”.

The First Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Services and the Environment, Julio Oca (Cs), during his speech, encouraged the citizens of Campesino to actively collaborate in this solidarity action because, in this way, “we not only contribute to sustainable development and the fight against climate change, but we also do it with the well-being of all the people who suffer or could suffer from this disease ”.

In this sense, he did not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate the population for their involvement in the summer glass recycling campaign “Green Flags”, which has made El Campello a creditor of one of the eight flags with which Ecovidrio awards the most recycled coastal municipalities nationwide, “so I have no doubt that our municipality will, once again, measure up of a cause whose award, on this occasion, is the most valuable of all awards: Life itself, ”said Julio Oca.

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In addition, he did not want to end his speech without putting the value of the effort made by the mayor of Social Welfare and Women, Mercé Pairó (Cs), “the true architect of El Campello being the first of the 170 towns in Spain where Ecovidrio will install its 500 igloos roses and who is currently recovering from the aftermath of an accident ”.

For his part, Javier Moreno, technician of the Unit for the Prevention of Addictive Community Behaviors, attached to the Department of Social Welfare, wanted to value the triple objective of this campaign, “To generate a solidarity action, a preventive action and the awareness of the population”.

Roberto Fuentes, Ecovidrio area manager in the Valencian Community, highlighted the entity’s commitment to this type of initiative. Not surprisingly, this is the sixth consecutive year that Ecovidrio has launched “Recycle glass for them”.

“A campaign that this 2021 starts in El Campello, a municipality that recycles twice the average of the Valencian Community, and for which the designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has illustrated a miniglu with the foundation’s motto” Full of life ” , which can be purchased through the website Miniglú.es and the proceeds of which will go entirely to the Sandra Ibarra Foundation to contribute to cancer prevention and research “, the manager concluded, not without first encouraging the people of Campesino to participate. By them.

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