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A Spanish company will convert garbage from the third Indian airport into electricity

The Valencian energy company Genia Bioenergy, specialized in the production of renewable gases in Spain, has been awarded the engineering contract for the construction of a plant that will produce biomethane and electricity to supply the Indian airport in Bangalore from its own organic waste.

Plant will process the 15,000 tons of bio-waste produced each year by this airport, the third in the country and through which more than 30 million passengers passed before the pandemic.

“Anaerobic digestion allows a sustainable solution to the treatment of this waste and produces energy for the operation of the airport itself, mainly from catering waste from flights, bio-waste from kitchens and restaurants, sludge from the sewage treatment plant. airport or any other organic waste generated at the facilities, “Genia Bioenergy said in a statement.

The facility will be capable of producing 2.25 million Nm3 / year of gas from renewable sources, which will mean 14,625MWh of total energy, which will be used to generate electricity by means of a 500kW generator engine and biomethane (CNG) for use by airport vehicles.

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This concept of waste management and energy self-consumption in airports “represents an innovative model worldwide that promotes the circular economy and sustainable management in these transport infrastructures and that it would be applicable in the more than 100 airports with a similar or greater activity than that of Bangalore to improve its efficiency and sustainability “, adds the company.

Bangalore Airport Plant will be based on ‘Small Biogas’ technology Genia Bioenergy itself, which will be in charge of the design, engineering, selection of technologies, supply of the main equipment and commissioning.

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One of the innovative technical features will be the application of apPre-separation process for organic material from other packaging residues that achieves up to 95% purity. This will allow the digestate (material remaining after biodigestion) to be used as fertilizers and amendments for agriculture.

According to Bernat Chulià, director of Studies and projects at Genia Bioenergy, “Bangalore airport has selected our technology for the integrated plant model, which allows a great optimization of costs and efficiency, in addition to the name that we are gaining in the country, where we have already closed the engineering for another 11 large biogas facilities from the straw of rice crops “.

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Bangalore Airport in South India opened in 2008 and expanded in 2013. It is already the third largest airport in the country and stands out for its innovation and sustainability. In 2020 it was designated the best airport in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2020 by the International Airports Council.

With this “Smoll Biogas” plant, which means an investment of 3 million euros, achieves circularity and the use of all organic waste it generates.

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