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A stain on the Agnelli legend | sports

Andrea Agnelli (Turin, 45 years old) has screwed up. He knows it and each one of the fans of Juventus. It is repeated daily by the rest of the presidents of Serie A or the front pages of their own newspapers. And the shareholders of the company that manages the club are also aware of this, who have seen the securities on the stock market plummet this week when the Super League that he had devised behind the backs of the rest of the teams he represented as president went bust. of the European Clubs Association (ECA). The only doubt in Italy right now is the patience his cousin, the almighty John Elkann, will have to keep him as president at the head of a team that came back at the age of just 34.

Andrea is Gianni’s nephew and son of Umberto, the dazzling’s little brother lawyer, and Alegra Caracciolo di Castagneto, daughter of Anna Visconti (the filmmaker’s older sister). He is the only one of his generation who managed to perpetuate the noble surname, but his feats – not even his physique – were never the most outstanding of the family. The Super League, in which Florentino Pérez embarked him, was the opportunity to leave his mark with a project that would revolutionize the sport.

Andrea’s professional career always orbited around the Exor empire – the conglomerate that makes up Ferrari, Juventus, The Economist, The Republic, The print, Partner Re… – who manages all the economic activities of the family, and a brief experience at Philip Morris. He was a minor character in the dynasty, he grew up in Juve and made merits. The family got tired of external managers at the beginning of the century and bet on blood lineage to bring the team back to the top. Until this week, I had credit. He took Juve when he had just sentenced in Serie B for the sins of Luciano Moggi buying referees. Today he is the most victorious president in the club’s history: 18 trophies in 10 years. Nine badges in a row and two Champions League finals. Beyond the trauma of not winning them, things were going reasonably well. But he wanted more. And now the situation is extremely difficult.

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The family assures that they do not plan to burden Andrea. And it does not occur to him to resign. Promise dedication bianconera to 100%. But the political opportunity to keep him is increasingly moot. Agnelli has a bad relationship with UEFA, FIFA, the ECA and the rest of the Serie A presidents, who have called for him to be sanctioned. Juventus is still determined to evolve calcium, but it seems difficult that it can do so with someone whom the highest European football authority, Aleksander Ceferin, describes as a “snake”. Yes, the same Ceferin who is the godfather of Agnelli’s little daughter and who until a week ago was among her best friends.

Andrea Agnelli always wanted to live up to the legend of his surname. The Super League was the great opportunity to make your mark. Also for the next capital increase of the club. Those who know him say that the family was informed of the operation and approved it. There should be no changes. But Agnelli has locked himself in his office these days and continues with the scheduled appointments, as the newspaper explains The print, family property. “Cornered,” read the newspaper on Friday. Possible substitutes sound like Marcello Lippi or Giuseppe Marotta, who today is at Inter and was a manager of the club.

The general idea in Italy is that Agnelli, who had been secretly conspiring for some time, got into a company too big even for his last name. While Florentino Pérez has not even disheveled, it could cost the president of Juve the race. In Italy the Agnelli were always considered the closest thing to a monarchy after the Savoya. But the play, finished off in an interview to the Republic where he pointed out that there was a “blood pact” between all the Super League teams when half had already left, compromises the reliability of the legend.

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