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Andrés Acosta, a star made clothes.

Andrés Acosta, a star made clothes.

The designer from La Palma Andrés Acosta does not stop working. After several months full of successes, the creator now presents his new collection, this time made for the male public. Sirius is the name of this new proposal for man made by Acosta, with which he also keeps the flame of his previous proposal, Habib Albi, alive, since once again takes inspiration again from orientalism that surrounds the lines and silhouettes of garments that, on this occasion, give up much of the prominence of their marked ethnicity to a much more galactic character.

This artist from La Palma has always been fascinated by Orientalism. Since he was little, he felt interest in the history and culture of the Middle East And, when he grew up, he had the opportunity to travel to those corners that inspired stories like the one in One Thousand and One Nights. Now, his work as a designer allows him to splash some of his creations with those influences. After Habib Albi, the first collection he made a while ago for men, Acosta seems to have taken a liking to these shapes and colors and continues to rely on these influences for Sirio.

The designer from La Palma relates that “Sirius is the brightest star in the entire night sky as seen from Earth.” With its bluish-white glow, “it is a binary star known in Egyptian mythology like the powerful eye in the sky and is intimately related to personal liberation through knowledge and the ability to reach the supreme truth. “All that symbolism has now been captured by the designer in these pieces for men for which he himself has been a model after its making.

“Star of the wise, represents divine providence”. That is why, on this occasion, the designer from La Palma directs his gaze towards the luminous star to “pay a very personal tribute to the capacity for the metamorphosis of being, through the acceptance of the duality of the world, through of the balance between the masculine and the feminine “, explains the professional. “Inspiration is nourished by the mysterious symbolism of the Trinity made up of the Sun – the masculine -, the Moon – the feminine – and the star Sirius, which is the fire in the sky that nourishes the spirit”, continues the creator, who “oblivious to conflicts, free from false dogmas and repressive doctrines, integrates the body with the soul through love and freedom, which mark the rhythm of the spiritual path of each being “.

How could it be otherwise, Sirio is a collection that follow the sustainability line with which Acosta signs all his projects. In this way, this last proposal has also had a handmade confection, totally made in Spain, in which materials from the stock accumulated during its production time have been reused. For this reason, the different models present a whole spectrum of color that changes from the brightest white to the most intense violets and marine ones. To create this proposal, Acosta has dyed rich fabrics such as crepe satin or natural silk georgette and has combined them with lamé, lycra knit and recycled polyamide tulle from previous collections. This proposal has tunics, kaftans, blouses and pants of oriental cut embroidered by hand and that Acosta complemented with necklaces and bracelets made by hand by himself. For all this, lead-free Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones such as amethyst, sapphire, hematite, moonstone or lapis lazuli were used.


Andrés Acosta is one of the most fruitful designers of recent times in the Canary Islands and over the last few years it has carried the name of the Islands all over the planet, participating in renowned events in the world of fashion and dressing celebrities of all nationalities. For several consecutive years he has been the only Spanish designer to have participated in the Green Carpet Fashion Awards (GCFA), popularly known as the Oscars for sustainable fashion. In this way, his designs are also characterized by sustainability and in recent times he has not hesitated to investigate and work with newly discovered fabrics.

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