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A survey based on the birth of celebrities reveals in which month the most handsome are born

Singer Jennifer Lopez is looking for an owner for her penthouse in Ny.

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On Roberto Mtz’s podcast One of his guests took as one of the topics to talk a supposed poll named: “In what month are the most attractive people born”. As he explained, 500 celebrities were taken into account to know in which month the most and least beautiful people are born.

And according to the survey, the two months that are in the last place are June and July. These two months are in 12th and 11th place on the table, respectively. This means that Jennifer Lopez -July 24- is not on the list of the most beautiful by month of birth. According to this survey, then, JLo is not that pretty.

The list of the months is as follows: May has the tenth place, while the ninth was the month of January. Later, November enters the count as eighth place. The seventh place is for October. The sixth position was taken by March and in the fifth was September.

The current month of December, the month of Christmas is in fourth place. And the first three places remain like this: in third place is February, while August takes second place. And the first place is the month of April.

Beyond the fact that this does not seem to be very reliable and that beauty itself is subjective, there is no doubt that it has been fun to listen to the count. Therefore, taking into account the birth of the famous, the list from 1 as the most handsome and 12 as the least, this would look like this:

  1. April: Alejandro Fernández
  2. Agosto: Blake Lively
  3. February: Jennifer Aniston
  4. December: Brad Pitt
  5. Septiembre: Will Smith
  6. Marzo: Jessica Chastain
  7. October: Kim Kardashian
  8. November: Kendall Jenner
  9. January: Bradley Cooper
  10. Mayo: Megan Fox
  11. Junio: Angelina Jolie
  12. July: Angelique Boyer

The public response to this part of the podcast is very interesting, because they took it for what it really is, a time to laugh and have fun.

So the comments: “Jacobo is the answer to why not believe in surveys and research”, “Jacobo and Roberto: it’s a stupid study and it’s a mum * d * but she’s cag * d *. The fans: “The best study”, “I very much agree with that study”, “Very real” 🤡😂 “,” I was born in July, and I can confirm that this study is definitely correct “, and so many others laughing and having a good time while listening to the Creative podcast.

Roberto has had interviews with celebrities such as: Rosalía, Roberto Palazuelos, Adal Ramones, Yordi Rosado, Camilo, Franco Escamilla, Kalimba, and so on.

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