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A teacher tears off an LGTBI flag from a student and provokes the mobilization of a Valencian institute

Student response to the homophobia episode in a high school in Alicante.

Student response to the homophobia episode in a high school in Alicante.

A Valencian high school has experienced an episode of homophobia and a massive response from students. Apparently, according to some students on their social networks, last Thursday a teacher from the center alerted several third-year ESO students that they should keep a flag with the rainbow, symbol of lesbian, gay, trans, bisexual, intersex people, among other identities or orientations. The teacher claimed that “ideological symbols could not be displayed” in the center and left, but the students considered that they were doing nothing wrong and raised the flag again. At that time, according to the story, the teacher returned and tore the flag from the student’s hands, according to the newspaper Pú last night.

After the homophobic incident, the teacher took the students to the management office to be reprimanded. In the meeting with the management of the institute, as they have told in networks, he assured that “what the group represents is wrong and that the people who are in it are wrong.” Apparently, both the direction of the IES Las Fuentes (Villena) and the head of studies, as well as other students, showed their rejection of the homophobic incident.

The school’s students, in response to the episode of homophobia they experienced, organized through social networks to go the next day with different identifications with the LGTBI flag, getting a large part of the students and even the teachers to participate.

After learning the facts, sources from the Ministry of Education have confirmed to this newspaper after investigating the facts, the steps have been started to open a disciplinary file against the teacher through which the facts will be investigated. Thus, it will be established whether the teacher’s actions are grounds for sanction or not. If the instructor who heads the file considers that the homophobic attitude of the teacher is punishable, it must be determined if it is mild, serious or very serious and what sanction is applied.

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Condemnation of Lambda’s “homophobic attack”

The Lambda collective, due to its sexual, gender and family diversity, has “strongly condemned the LGTBIphobic attack perpetrated by a teacher” from the aforementioned institute in Villena. From the Valencian collective they have shown their “solidarity” both with the students and with “the rest of the teachers and students who have come out in defense of freedom of expression and democracy.” The group highlights in a statement that “education has to be developed within a framework of respect and inclusion of diversity of all types”, something that, they assure, must occur “especially when we speak of State officials.”

For his part, the general secretary of Joves Socialistes of the province of Alicante and councilor in Elda, Lorena Pedrero, has expressed her outrage at what appears to be a clear case of homophobia and a “hate crime” by a teacher in charge of a group of minors “in the 21st century,” she stresses.

“We denounce this intolerable fact and we stand in solidarity with those affected, giving them our support and commitment to continue fighting for the rights of LGTBI people, those that remain to be achieved and those that we are not going to allow anyone to snatch, “adds Pedrero, urging the Ministry of Education, led by Vicent Marzà, to take” all pertinent measures to clarify the facts and guarantee an education that respects the values of equality, freedom and diversity “.

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