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A teenage girl and her Hispanic boyfriend killed her father and tried to dismember his body in Las Vegas

Aaron Guerrero is charged with murder.

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The story of a forbidden love ended in one of the most heinous crimes in the American Union.

A 16-year-old from Las Vegas and her 18-year-old boyfriend were arrested in Salt Lake City. The lovers went on the run after they murdered the adolescent’s father and tried to dismember the body. The reason is that the girl’s father was against the courtship.

Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero they were arrested Tuesday in Utah. They fled by car from Las Vegas where they allegedly committed the heinous murder. Their extradition to Nevada is pending, as they are directly charged with the death of Daniel Halseth.

On Friday afternoon firefighters responded to a call for a fire in the 8400 block of Dunphy Court, where they found the charred body of Daniel Halseth in the garage of the house.

Halseth was a divorced man and the father of two other children in addition to Sierra. He worked as a technology consultant and was married to the Nevada state senator Elizabeth Halseth.

The first lines of investigation showed that they had deliberately set the house on fire and they fled in the victim’s car.

Clark County authorities identified the victim and forensic examinations revealed that the body has stab wounds.

Police have a theory that Halseth was stabbed to death before her daughter and her Hispanic boyfriend set the house on fire.

ABC4 reported that researchers found that the couple bought an electric saw, a hand saw and another circular saw and tried to dismember the corpse, but they finally decided to use a fire to cover their crime.

Video surveillance cameras in several stores showed the youths buying the mechanical equipment with which they intended to cut the corpse into pieces. They also bought gasoline and bleach.

The teens stole Halseth’s car, money, and drove to Salt Lake City, without contacting anyone on the way.

Both the young Hispanic and Sierra could be tried as adults in Las Vegas, he said. Daily Mail.

Police have evidence that Halseth was opposed to her daughter’s relationship with Guerrero, commenting recently that she did not want the Hispanic boy for her daughter.

Halseth and the senator were married for 11 years, but it all ended with a forced divorce and the subject charged with domestic violence.

The senator changed her last name to Helgelien when she remarried. She became concerned when she didn’t hear from Halseth for a while, so she called his phone with no answer. He then contacted Sierra, who told him that his father was in the bathroom and his phone had broken down.

Helgelien called a friend to visit his home, but only found signs of a fire and bloodstains.

The family issued a statement in which they regretted the situation: “He loved his family and he was an amazing father. We are heartbroken ”.

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  • Taylor

    As a family member of Daniel I am really upset that the mention that Aaron is Hispanic is a continual theme here. Daniel wouldn’t have cared he was Hispanic! Aaron was up to no good and Daniel wanted his daughter to be safe. Remove the Hispanic part from this article. It has nothing to do with the situation at hand. What is the purpose of saying he’s Hispanic?

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