Thursday, January 27

A teenager kills another with a stab in a park in Valencia

A minor of about 17-year-old who has not yet been identified has been stabbed to death this afternoon, around 6.30 pm, in the Valencian municipality of Burjassot, during a fight between two teenagers that occurred in a public park in that municipality of l ‘Horta Nord. Agents of the Local police and of the National They have immediately come to the scene, after several witnesses alerted 112 to see that the perpetrator of the attack was running away and that the victim was seriously injured.

This new homicide the second in just over 24 hours after the sexist murder of Cristina BM discovered on Saturday morning in the Valencian neighborhood of Gran Vía, It occurred at half past six in the afternoon in the La Granja de Burjassot park and, apparently, there are indications that the author, who has not yet been identified, would have gone in search of his victim.

In fact, eyewitnesses to the events han reported to Levante-EMV, a medium that belongs to the same group as this newspaper, that the alleged perpetrator has come to the park asking for an exact location, where both would have been supposedly. Minutes later the stabbing occurred.

A couple who have seen what happened has explained to this newspaper that both have engaged in a shouting match and have come to blows. At a certain moment, the now deceased would have told him “your dead shit me”, as these witnesses have heard, at which point the other, enraged, has wielded the knife and has nailed it in the side twice, they affirm. According to the first indications, the knife would have reached his heart.

Other witnesses claim that the perpetrator of the murder has arrived accompanied by three girls, and that at least one of them is a neighbor of Burjassot, information that the Police are now trying to confirm.

The Police recover the crime knife from a trash can in La Granja park, in Burjassot. Eduardo Ripoll

More than half an hour of resuscitation

The first to arrive have been local police officers who, seeing the severity of the injury, have requested an urgent medical team and have begun cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers, since the boy had already entered cardiorespiratory arrest. Before, several teenagers who had come to his aid tried to cover the wound with tissues.

Minutes later, an ambulance has arrived from Urgent Medical Care Service (SAMU), whose health team has taken over from the Local Police agents and they have continued to perform CPR for more than half an hour, without the adolescent responding. Finally, around 7:30 p.m., the doctor confirmed the death.

By then, the National Police had already taken over the investigation and had called the Homicide group, that at this moment they are questioning a multitude of minors and young people who were at the scene of the events at that time. Meanwhile, agents of the Scientific police Displaced persons from Valencia are carrying out the photographic report and taking samples.

Apparently, the perpetrator has thrown the murder weapon into a trash can, a large knife, which was found by the agents of the Local Police and guarded until the arrival of the specialists of the Scientific Police, who have already taken charge of it to analyze it in search of DNA and fingerprints of the aggressor.

They have also recovered the mobile phone of the alleged perpetrator of the attack, who would have lost the device during the struggle and fled without it, since he did not realize that it had been dropped. One of the witnesses has smashed the mobile with kicks, in a fit of anger, so the Police have not yet been able to put it into operation.

In addition, the agents are carrying out intense efforts to try to identify the victim and notify his relatives, since the boy did not carry any documentation and none of the boys who were in the park at that time have recognized him, so everything points out that it would not be from Burjassot.

At this time, the investigating judge number 6 of Paterna, acting as guard, has just given the order for the removal of the body and its transfer to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) of València, where the autopsy next Tuesday.

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