Saturday, November 26

A terrible message to Europe



The PSOE and Podemos yesterday staged the growing tension that the government coalition is experiencing on account of the repeal of the labor reform and the disqualification of the Podemite deputy Alberto Rodríguez. In any case, the meeting between the two parties last night had a lot of imposture and nothing suggests that for the moment they will break. And never, before the Budgets are approved. Nobody with a minimum of intelligence in Podemos and in the PSOE estimates that the coalition will fracture abruptly at the earliest until a few months before the elections. The reason is simple: the two parties need to protect themselves in power for as long as possible, and the rest is secondary. That is why Alberto Rodríguez has withdrawn from Podemos. In reality, the moral support of his party was nothing but the alibi to express an overactive indignation, but at the moment of truth no one from Podemos has stood up for him, no one has risked his seat, and no one has resigned from his ministry . Yolanda Díaz, Alberto Garzón or the ‘commons’ distanced themselves from the lawsuit announced by Podemos against Meritxell Batet because in addition to being a legal nonsense that Rodríguez himself has already resigned, it put the Government at risk. And nothing is further from the intention of Díaz or Garzón than to defend someone other than themselves. In Podemos improvisation and childishness abound and, since Pablo Iglesias is not there, he lacks courage. That is why Ione Belarra is a political zero to the left.

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More serious is the confrontation between Yolanda Díaz and the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, on account of the repeal of the labor reform because it is a power struggle that transcends labor legislation and electoral programs. It is the platform that Díaz is using to create a consolidated image of a candidate of the extreme left for the elections. It is not even a programmatic battle, but one of personal contempt and mutual mistrust. The repeal of this reform not only appears in the programs of the two parties, but also in the protocol with which they sealed the coalition. Therefore, there should be no disagreement. But the PSOE and Podemos know very well that one thing is their theatrical demagogy, and quite another is Europe distrusting the Government, and with the threat of billions of euros still pending to arrive. At most, they will make some modification of the labor reform despite opposition from the European Commission and the business community. They will agree to something to ease the tension. But the underlying issue, the breakdown of the coalition, is not yet on any agenda. Unai Sordo already said it at the closing of the CC.OO. congress, and Arnaldo Otegi admitted it to his bases: it is a mistake for the left to dynamite itself.

Yolanda Díaz is in the campaign because Podemos is sinking, and bending Calviño’s pulse is just her calling card as a future candidate. What Belarra, a stone guest with as little influence as her jibarized party, does, is hardly relevant. In any case, getting entangled with a labor reform that has worked well in Spain is a terrible message to Europe at a time when the Bank of Spain, the INE, the IMF or the OECD are lowering our growth expectations. At least, and this is positive, Sánchez no longer talks about “repealing” the labor reform, but about “reforming labor measures”, and defends Calviño. Podemos will have to accept it when he stops being ‘offended’. Otherwise, break now, would be a major surprise out of all current calculations.

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