Friday, July 30

A thief confesses that he raped an old woman because “the cables were crossed”

The accused of raping a 93-year-old woman yesterday before testifying at the trial.

The accused of raping a 93-year-old woman yesterday before testifying at the trial.

A 36-year-old man acknowledged this Monday having entered to rob a home in Valencia in August 2019 and having raped the resident of the property, a 93 year old woman. The defendant, who faces a 25-year prison sentence for the crimes of sexual assault on a particularly vulnerable victim, robbery with violence and injuries, alleged in the trial, held in the Second Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia, that his The initial intention was to steal, who believed that there was no one inside the house, but he admits that after seizing the money – just 85 euros – he sexually forced the nonagenarian because “the cables crossed.”

After his acknowledgment of the facts, and being fully identified by the witnesses who followed him when he fled the house, who held him until the arrival of the Police, the Public Prosecutor and the private prosecution maintain the request for 25 years in prison. For its part, the defendant’s defense requests that an incomplete defense or a highly qualified extenuating case be applied to him for mental disorder and for having acted under the influence of alcohol.

However, the forensics of the Psychiatry unit of the Institute of Legal Medicine of València ruled out in the oral hearing that the defendant suffers from a psychiatric pathology and they claimed that he was fully aware of his actions when he raped the old woman.

Thus, although they pointed out that he has an antisocial personality and that as a minor he had already had problems that had led him to be admitted to several centers, the events he committed on August 7, 2019 respond to “an impulsive act,” as they maintain. Likewise, they indicated that during the interviews with the defendant, he partially remembered what happened that day, “he presents judicial amnesia” – remembering only what interests him.

Alleges that he was drunk

The defendant, who in his last turn to speak, was sorry and apologized to his victim, alleges that he was very drunk because he had been drinking alcohol for three days without stopping. This does not seem to have prevented him from climbing down a pipe to flee the house when some neighbors of the victim came to his aid when they heard the cries for help.

The testimony of the old woman, who suffers from intense trauma that has led to post-traumatic stress disorder, was heard behind closed doors after the recording of the pre-constituted test was played, made in order to guarantee the statement of the victim, who is already 94 years old, and thus prevent him from reliving the suffering suffered once again.

As he confessed through the Gesell camera, he thought he was going to die. In fact, after surprising the thief in the hallway of her home, her attacker dragged her and hit her in the face while demanding all the money she had. Subsequently, he strongly pressed his throat, until he momentarily prevented the entry of air, according to the prosecutor in his letter.

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