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A third of the world’s population is still disconnected from the Internet

The Connection from the world to Internet It does not stop growing. Even so, some 2,700 people, almost a third of the world’s population, still do not have access to net. This is clear from ‘Facts and Figures 2022’, the annual report prepared by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) about the state of the digital connectivity and that he published this Wednesday.

Currently, 66% of the world’s population (about 5.3 billion people) use the Internet, a growth rate of 6.1% compared to last year. Over the last 15 years, global access to the Internet has exploded. In 2005, only 16% of the world’s population did so, a far cry from today’s reality.

However, the digital divide between rich and poor is still present. Network penetration reaches 92% among the wealthiest classes, while it only reaches 26% among those with fewer resources. In Europe, 89% of people access the Internet, while in Africa only 40% do.

The analysis also finds that Internet access is becoming more affordable in all regions of the world and among all groups with different purchasing power. Thus, the cost to access both the broadband mobile as to fixed broadband has been reduced.

However, that cost remains a problem for the poorest economies, a situation that current macroeconomic turmoil such as the inflation could worsen by 2023. “The Internet may be more affordable overall, but for billions of people around the world it is as out of reach as ever,” he said. houlin zhaosecretary general of the organization of the United Nations specialized in information and communication technologies. “We have to keep Internet affordability moving in the right direction, even as the recession global economy reduces the economic prospects of many countries.

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Young people lead the connection to the network

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The study shows that the world is increasingly connected. And it is the youngest who lead this advance. Thus, 75% of people between the ages of 15 and 24 use the Internet recurrently, 10% more than the rest of the population. Social differences are also reflected in this statistic, and it is that while among young people with high income this use is 99%, among those with low income it is only 39%.

Another indicator that shows access to the Internet is the use of the mobile phone. Thus, the study indicates that 73% of the world population over 10 years of age owns a mobile device, 7% more than global access to the Internet. This difference has been gradually narrowing in all regions.

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