Thursday, October 28

A thousand fewer infections on another black day with 52 deaths from covid

Hospital pressure has dropped for the second consecutive day but ICU admissions have increased.

Hospital pressure has dropped for the second consecutive day but ICU admissions have increased.

A little hope in the midst of the tsunami that this third wave has turned into. The province of Alicante posted yesterday a thousand new cases of coronavirus less than in the previous day, which could come to confirm that, indeed, we would be before expected plateau that the councilor predicted this week Ana Barceló. Specifically, the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health notified yesterday 2,463 new infections confirmed through a PCR test or an antigen test, which represents 1,032 fewer positives than those diagnosed in the immediately previous day, in which there were officially 3,495 cases.

This would be the face of this last day of the pandemic, because there is also a cross. And it is that, despite the decrease in infections, mortality again broke a historical record yesterday in the Valencian Community, with 112 deaths with covid-19 throughout the territory, six more than the previous day. From them, 52 were residents in the province of Alicante, a figure that, since March, has only been exceeded on two other occasions: on Tuesday, when 59 people died; and on January 25, when there were 57 deaths from complications derived from the coronavirus. The Community yesterday added a total of 5,256 new cases confirmed through PCR or antigen tests. Of these, the highest figure was concentrated in our province, with 2,463 new positives compared to 2,403 in Valencia and 390 in the province of Castellón. The total number of people from Alicante who have been infected with the SARS-CoV 2 coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic it has already reached 123,661 people, almost a third of the total infections that have been counted in the Community: 330,029, always according to the data provided yesterday by Health. Likewise, as has already been pointed out a few lines above, the number of deaths in the province reached 52 people, which already rises to 1,857 people from Alicante who have died as a result of the virus since last March. And, what is more serious, almost half of these deaths have occurred so far in 2021; specifically, 854 deaths with covid-19, which clearly reflects how virulent this third wave has been and the tragic consequences that have occurred after the Christmas holidays.

Only three shoots

Despite the blackest aspects of this last day, there are more numbers in the update offered yesterday by Health that invite optimism. On the one hand, the decrease in hospital pressure, with 77 fewer people admitted to public hospitals in the province. In addition, 97,325 people residing in the province have already been discharged after overcoming covid-19 throughout the health crisis; While the volume of new infections confirmed yesterday by Health, with just under 2,500 cases in one day, returns the province to the level of new infections in mid-January, after fifteen consecutive days without achieving lower than 3,000 new positives newspapers, in which it was reached the peak of 4,537, recorded on January 25. Finally, among the data that improve with respect to previous sessions is also the one that refers to outbreaks confirmed by Public Health.

The Community yesterday registered a total of 31 outbreaks since the last update, of which only three were located in the province of Alicante: one in Dénia, with four positives of social origin; another in La Vila Joiosa, also of social origin and with eight infected people; and the last, in Altea, of a labor nature and in which there have been three positives so far. Regarding the situation of residences and other care centers, the Ministry reported yesterday that 61 nursing homes in the province currently have a positive case, in addition to eleven centers for people with functional diversity and five centers for minors. Of the 61 residences that have a confirmed case in Alicante, 26 have been intervened by the Ministry of Health and under active surveillance of sanitary control due to the high number of active cases. In a single day, 147 elderly and 39 workers from these centers in the Community have been infected, and 35 residents have died due to the coronavirus.

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