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A Tinder for Christians: this is Salt, the app for single believers

Love comes when you least expect it, or so they say. For those who are still looking for it, in recent years applications have made it easier to millions of people who want to find a partner.

The most famous is Tinder. This was created in 2012 and there are currently registered 50 million people spread all over the world. Later came another option, grinder for the gay community.

But, the matchmaking apps of the 21st century also attract the religious. How is Salt, the Christian Tinder. This app is similar to Tinder but It is made by Christians and for Christians, willing to find love, faith and also share their love for God.

With more than 10,000 registered users, the app was developed by Salt Group Ltda, a company founded by Paul Rider, CEO, and Erti-Chris Eelmaa, CTO.

How to use it

Its use is similar to that of Tinder. The first thing you have to do is download it from a platform. Next, you need to register using Facebook, Google or an email.

Once created, tell your story by adding some photos and replying to some questions about your faith and relationship with God and provides information about marital status, physical traits and habits. Finally, set your age and distance preferences.

The user will see profiles of other people and decide if they want to match. In the case of matching with another single, a conversation can be started. The application allows you to go back between profiles, in addition, you can match with users who are at more than 500 kilometers.

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In this way you will be able to discover other Christians and give ‘like’ when the profile interests you. If it’s mutual, you can start chatting and getting to know each other.

Some of the questions that users have to answer are the following: “often you will find me…” “we will click if…”, “my heart yearns…”, or “I connect with God…”.

There is also the option ‘Premium’. The price is 8 euros the week; 18 euros per month and 35.99 euros for three months.

The advantages it has is having in your hand the complete list of those who have given you ‘like’, seeing more people per day or that your profile is shown among the first in the meetings section and seeing all the users you have discarded

Muzz, the Muslim Tinder

Salt isn’t the only religious dating app. The Muslim community also has its own Tinder, baptized as Muzz. “If you are looking for a unique Muslim marriage, then you have come to the right place”” is how they advertise themselves.

Related news

This Muslim Tinder “It is more geared towards connecting the followers of Islam, with a view to marriage,” according to Shahzad Younas, CEO and founder of Muzz.

In the Tinder Halal there is already more than 300,000 people registered, from different parts of the world already. The average age of Muzmatch users is 27 years old; and its use is similar to Tinder and Salt.

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