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A town in the Valencian Community offers a free house and work to reopen the school and the bar

Torre d'en Doménec, the municipality of Castellón that offers free work and home.

Torre d’en Doménec, the municipality of Castellón that offers free work and home.

Free house for a family in exchange for run the municipal bar and take children to town to reopen the school. That is the offer launched by the City Council of the Torre d’en Doménec, a small municipality of the Plana Alta (Castellón) of about 160 inhabitants.

The mayor of the municipality, Héctor Prats (PP), makes an appeal to attract some couple with children to help them recover these two vital services for the development of the town. In fact, “for between eight and nine years” the school has been closed and they have not had a bar (until then managed by private hands) since January.

As a teacher by profession, the first mayor acknowledges that he would not take his son to a school “where he was alone and could not relate to anyone else”, but taking advantage of the fact that right now in the town there are three school-age minors, believe it is a “pity” that they have to go to study abroad to other municipalities.

Conversations with the territorial director of Education

Therefore, and after having previously contacted the territorial director of Education, Alfred Remolar, The mayor figures in a range of “between six and seven” the students they would need so that the doors of Colegio de la Torre can be reopened after so many years. “Therefore, we need a minimum of three more children», Prats confesses, that the objective of gathering that figure is set.

Torre d’en Doménec, the municipality of Castellón that offers free work and home.

As an incentive, the consistory offers home and work to interested families. The chosen one would be in charge of running the new municipal bar, which in addition to giving a job opportunity to these new residents, would allow the town to recover the meeting point par excellence of the neighbors and weekend visitors.

This hospitality establishment will be located for now in the retiree’s home, a space, located next to the pediment, which has a bar, tables, a cold room and even a small terrace with a barbecue, so that it is already equipped with all the furniture. necessary for immediate opening.

Torre d’En Domenec bar INFORMATION

Although he warns that the house they lend to live in “will not be of great comfort”, the mayor emphasizes that it is a “sacrifice” that the town hall assumes to help the family that is installed in the Torre d’en Doménec can “Start and move forward” during the first months of stay.

Criterion of “suitability”

In the process of drafting the bases, the main criterion that the City Council will follow when assessing the candidate families will be that of “suitability”, that is, that they meet the “appropriate” requirements to be able to take over the bar and help to reopen the school. Those interested can now contact the City Council by phone 964 707 096.

The space has a bar, tables and a cold room so that the place can be reopened as a bar immediately, as soon as the family settles in.

They want to find the family before summer

Although there is no specific deadline for finding the family in question, the mayor does want “the new bar to be operational in summer”, so he hopes to be able to select these new residents before the arrival of the summer period. .

This public call to offer a house and work for the benefit of the development of the town is a formula that was also recently used by the Zucaina City Council, which launched an SOS to save its school. The success of this formula was such that in less than 10 days they received about 7,000 requests from interested families. An acceptance that, without a doubt, the Torre d’en Doménec consistory now seeks to replicate.

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