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A trip to Japan or inside David Bowie’s house: 12 original books on architecture, design and art to give this Christmas | Living | ICON Design

In a year in which the longest trip we have been able to make has been, at best, to the people, there is no better gift than a book that allows you to travel to the refuge of Leonardo da Vinci, César Manrique or David Bowie, the creative universe of Antonio Ballester or the magic of the Japanese legends illustrated in Spain with oriental delicacy. At ICON Design we have prepared a selection of the books that we liked the most this year about design, art, architecture and interior design, perfect for give away in this Christmas.

Life Meets Art, by Sam Lubell

Imagine knowing the house of Leonardo Da Vinci, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso o Zaha Hadid. What are the homes of the most creative people in the world like? This edition, which shows 250 extraordinary interiors of relevant figures from the world of art, design, fashion, music and literature, shows us how artists shape their spaces and how they are influenced by their private domains, since there are no nowhere in the world where we are more ourselves than when we are in our own home. (Editorial Phaidon Press Limited. 304 pages).

Puchi Award 2020 publishes Rosie in the jungle, by Nathan Cowdry

El Puchi Award 2020 is an interesting project created by The House On and Fulgencio Pimentel: a publishing house specialized in comics, narrative and poetry that aims to reward books with more aesthetic and innovative proposals without giving up any type of genre. This award, unique in Spain, decided to edit this work by the young writer Nathan Cowdry (Brighton, 1990), a graphic novel for people over 18 years of age that reviews the concepts of what cute and the perverse, questioning some cultural, social, generational and even postcolonial conventions. (Fulgencio Pimentel. 144 pages).

Yukio, the boy of the wavesby Jean-Baptiste Del Amo and Karine Daisay

Inspired by traditional Japanese legends, with elegant and melancholic prose, evoking the unbreakable relationship between mother and child, Yukio, the boy of the waves, by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo (Toulouse, 1981), winner of the Goncourt Prize, one of the most important literary awards in France, is the first children’s story illustrated by Cabaret Voltaire, a renowned Spanish publisher specializing in highly visual, different and exquisite. (Cabaret Voltaire. 44 pages).

Superpowers of Scale, by Andrés Jaque and Office for Political Innovation

Architectural models and designs are not simply inert assemblages of material, but complex entities that express discourses – whether political, social or environmental – worthy of analysis and debate. This is the main premise of this work by Andrés Jaque (Madrid, 1971), the most active, influential and global Spanish architect of his generation. Jaque is the winner of multiple awards such as the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale 2014, or the FAD Madrid 2020 interior design award. Superpowers of Scale it is a kind of retrospective of his past and current projects. (Editorial Columbia Books on Architecture and the City. 384 pages).

A small world, a perfect world, by Marco Martella

The garden is like a book. It is an extension of the inner life of man embodied in a piece of modified nature. What do the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, those of Bomarzo and Ninfa in Italy or the Sissinghust of England say about us? Picks it up in A small world, a perfect world Marco Martella, one of the few writers specialized in gardens, and editor of the French magazine Gardens, what He signs a book with his own name for the first time, since he used to do it under different heteronyms. A perfect reading for lovers of that bucolic mix between nature, art and poetry. (Editorial Elba. 136 pages).

Turégano House, by Alberto Campo Baeza

At the end of the eighties and during the nineties, the Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza (Valladolid, 1946) designed a series of experimental houses that intended to form a manifesto on the use of light, minimalism and simplicity in colors , something that later became an icon of modernity. Casa Turégano, in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, owned by graphic designer Roberto Turégano, was one of the most representative architectural designs of the eighties in Spain. A project embodied in this limited edition must not be overlooked by loyal architecture lovers. (Divisare books. 40 pages).

The uses of decoration, by Nicholas Korody

The contempt that decoration has suffered and suffers as a discipline worthy of study, in addition to the dissemination of standards of what is politically and socially correct and its perception in academia, in society and in the networks, are some of the issues that the American designer Nicholas Korody in this book published by Rua Editions, the publishing house of Asier Rua, the renowned Spanish photographer specialized in portraying interiors. An essential and enlightening text on the unjustly reviled decoration. (Rua Ediciones. 234 pages).

Three days, by Antonio Ballester Moreno

Antonio Ballester Moreno (Madrid, 1977) is one of the most relevant and different Spanish artists of today. The references in his paintings and illustrations to everyday life, culture, nature, music or cinema are some of the aspects that are collected in Three days (Editorial Poodle). Ballester, who was the only Spanish artist who participated in the 33 Bienal de Sao Paulo, encourages all creators to allow themselves to represent what they faithfully want, beyond any technique; to treasure that childlike creativity that we all started having. A project away from the protest and the first person.

The invisible ones by Peio H. Riaño

El Prado, one of the most important museums in the world, is an enclosure where women are excluded in the XXI century. Why is the feminist gaze so scarce in this temple of European art? Art can be a great reflection of the social and political inequalities that have oppressed women throughout the history of humanity; This is the main axis of the interesting and crude essay (which is in its third edition) by the journalist Peio H. Riaño. An edition that addresses the patriarchal legacy in the main art gallery in Spain. (Editorial Capitan Swing. 192 pages).

Self-design, by Enzo Mari

Can you imagine being able to merge your creativity and your constructive capacity to create your own furniture? That is the goal of the great Italian designer Enzo Mari (Cerano, 1932-2020), who died this year due to coronavirus, and one of the great theorists of idealistic design who advocates a design with a sustainable and functional character accessible to all audiences. This edition, which is a “self-design proposal”, has drawings, letters, comments and reflections dating from 1974. A gem for those interested in venturing into the world of home construction. (Editorial Corraini. 64 pages).

Still Life, de Same Paper

If we ask ourselves what kind of photography 2020 represents better, still life could be a good reflection of the year. That would illustrate the quiet time we are going through as humanity. Under this premise, Still Life, a project that brings together 13 renowned photographers who show their surroundings during the confinement through colorful and aesthetic snapshots. The result is a series of beautiful, optimistic, sad and drowning images of reality that reaches Spain through Tambourine, a brave shop online Spanish independent publishing projects from around the world. (Editorial Same Paper. 246 pages).

Guide to building school furniture in southern Senegal, de Foundawtion

The simple, clean and functional furniture designs that were manufactured for the CEM Kamar school, in southern Senegal, are the jewels of this architecture manual, a project that was born with the collaboration between the Foundawtion foundation, the AOO furniture company, the graphic design of the Bendita Gloria studio and the Basque photographer Yosigo. A beautiful draft that supports the construction of schools in Senegal. (Foundawtion).

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