Tuesday, July 5

A tropical wave leaves a deceased and abundant damage in Nicaragua

  • The meteorological phenomenon, the first of the season, left up to 130 millimeters of rain in Managua, flooded 14 neighborhoods and flooded 40 houses

At least one dead and considerable damage in different cities of Nicaragua it was the result of the passage of the first tropical wave of the season, which entered on Thursday and left this Friday afternoon, reported the Nicaraguan authorities. The first victim of Nicaragua’s rainy season, identified as Mayeli Obando, was found dead today on the shores of Lake Managua or Xolotlán, one day after being reported missing when she was carried by the current of a pluvial channel.

The passage of the tropical wave over Nicaragua left rainfall of up to 130 millimeters in Managua, and 80 millimeters in the northwest of the country, indicated the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter). The intense and constant rainfall flooded at least 14 neighborhoods in Managua and swamped 40 homes, according to data from the Nicaraguan capital’s mayor’s office. The rains also caused flooding on some of the main roads in Managua, as well as on streets in outlying areas.

The situation was made worse by the effects it caused on city traffic. The owner of a collective urban transport bus in Managua reported that the vehicle was struck by lightning when it was circulating loaded with passengers on a central street in the capital, but it did not cause any injuries.

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In the coastal city of Corinto, located in northwestern Nicaragua, the waves of the Pacific Ocean penetrated the urban area, partially destroying some ten houses, witnesses told local media. The Nicaraguan authorities confirmed that the waves were due to the phenomenon known as “bottom sea”, as a result of the passage of the tropical wave. Those affected showed the remains of their homes, whose structures gave way to the constant beating of the waves.

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Disasters caused by the first rains of the year are normal in Nicaragua, due to the fact that the garbage in the streets is combined with the lack of optimal drainage in some of its cities. The rainy season in Nicaragua runs from mid-May to the end of November.


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