Tuesday, January 31

A two-year-old girl dies when a piece of furniture falls on her in a supermarket

Photo from this afternoon of the Carrefour chain establishment where the events occurred. / south

The minor was playing with her brother at the entrance of the Malaga establishment when, due to circumstances that are under investigation, a locker collapsed

A tragedy, a misfortune, a neighborhood in shock. If we take into account the level of risk of a situation, or the unpredictability of an event, adjectives and clichés fall short to describe what happened this Tuesday in the Malaga neighborhood of La Victoria. Because something as everyday as shopping should not entail danger. But it happened. A whole family entered a supermarket. And it came out broken.

It was a few minutes before five in the afternoon. The parents entered the Carrefour Market on Gordon Street to do some shopping accompanied by their three children, ages 2, 4 and 6. The ages of the two oldest are approximate. The little girl turned 3 in July.

Apparently, the parents were in the checkout line to pay while their three children played a few meters away, in plain sight, next to the storage cabinet that is next to the shopping carts.

At a certain point, the box office fell forward. The cause, and whether or not it could have been avoided, is something that the ongoing investigation by the National Police will have to determine. What is known is that the two older brothers were unharmed, while the little girl did not have time to get away from her and she suffered a blow to the head.

The 112-Andalusia emergency system received the first calls when it was seconds before five in the afternoon. At 5:01 p.m., the notice arrived at the 092 Local Police room and just five minutes later the first patrol appeared at the scene.

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A mobile ICU from the 061 health emergency service came to attend to the little girl. The paramedics were trying to stabilize her for her transfer to the hospital when, suddenly, her condition worsened. The doctor, visibly affected, ordered an urgent evacuation and six motorcycles from the Local Police escorted the ambulance to the Maternal and Child Hospital.

The entourage arrived at the health center, where the entire emergency service was waiting to do everything possible for the baby. They tried. But all his efforts were in vain. Shortly after admission, the death of the minor was confirmed. “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my professional life. Worst. And look, I have dealt with misfortunes and complicated situations, ”said an agent with decades of service.

The racking continued throughout the afternoon around the supermarket. Agents from the Homicide Group, the Group of Minors (Grume), the Scientific Police Brigade and the Labor Inspectorate traveled there. His mission now consists of reconstructing the accident and clarifying why the piece of furniture fell on the girl.

The neighborhood, meanwhile, was dismayed by the coming and going of police, ambulances… Here the topic falls short. “Have you heard?” some neighbors wondered as they pointed to the goosebumps on their arms, giving a negligible idea, not even approximate, of the dimension of the tragedy. Because it is not natural for a family to go shopping at the supermarket and come out broken.


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