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A UCO agent will play Manuela Chavero to reconstruct the crime




A UCO agent with “similar physical characteristics” to Manuela Chavero will act as an assistant in the reconstruction of the crime ordered by the investigating judge seven months after the arrest of the alleged perpetrator and the discovery of the body. The head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 1 of Zafra has agreed that this procedure be carried out on April 9 in all scenarios related to the disappearance and death of Chavero, which occurred in Monesterio (Badajoz) at dawn on July 5, 2016. The person arrested for the crime, Eugenio Delgado, will be released that day from Badajoz prison to attend the test.

The judge also orders that a “bulldozer or tractor” be used Like the one Delgado drove, according to his own statement, to transport the woman’s body through a farm owned by him of several hectares and difficult to access before burying the body in a foxhole about five kilometers from Monesterio.

The reconstruction of the crime had been requested by both the Prosecutor’s Office and the parties, since Delgado maintains that Manoli died accidentally after hitting himself when they argued over an old crib that the woman had lent him. The autopsy and the extension report do not support this statement, but neither do they clearly establish the mechanism of death.

The UCO also suspects that Eugenio Delgado, a neighbor of the victim, tried to sexually assault her, although the time that passed and the conditions in which he disposed of the body have erased any physical evidence. The researchers try to establish a pattern of behavior based on the former behavior of the now detainee with women (regular client of prostitution) and the type of relationship he established with them.

The private prosecution requested the statement of a witness who was not included in the dozen of testimony requested by the Prosecutor’s Office on February 26 (family and friends of the victim, neighbors of the detainee, an agent and the person who was commissioned to clean his vehicles after the crime). The judge has agreed to this new statement for the end of July and has decided to extend the investigation of the case for another six months. In addition, it has ordered that the accusation of the property investigation of the investigated be transferred, which already appears in the proceedings.

In the reconstruction that will have, as has been said, a civil guard (from the UCO or the Badajoz Command) of similar height and weight to that of Manoli, the diligence will begin at the house of the detainee, just a few meters from that of Chavero and the journey he supposedly made with the body will continue. According to him, he moved her dead in his car to a tool shed on the aforementioned farm. He left the body there, undressed him and burned his clothes, and the next day he transported the victim across the field to the foxhole where he buried her covered by a sheet or similar fabric.

The autopsy, as has been said, is not even conclusive regarding the mechanism of death, probably from blows that fractured three ribs and the nose, as ABC advanced. According to this report, death is compatible with a fall or blow against a piece of furniture, against the ground or also from a certain height and with a violent death produced with a stick, a hammer or blows, for example with the fists.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested a complementary report from the Badajoz Institute of Legal Medicine in which it is stated that there is no compatibility between Eugenio Delgado’s statement (accidental death) and the anthropological traces found on the body and that the transport of the body in an off-road excavator does not explain the injuries found either. The reconstruction, ordered by the judge, will try to clear up those doubts.

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