Monday, February 22

A very sociable hermit | Madrid

1. The Temple of Debut. It was one of the first places my father took me, or at least with a conscious memory. I love walking through it and eating ice creams looking at a building that is 22 centuries old. Sometimes I would get on the cable car and I would eat my ice cream with my feet flying over the Casa de Campo. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to being a superhero from Madrid. (Ferraz, 1).

2. Variess. It is where I have lived for years and I like everything. Its small and charming restaurants … Variess is a small universe, the back room of the tourist area of ​​the capital, where tourists Ex not dare to enter. I like to sit on an ugly terrace and have a coffee with milk thinking about the blast that they are giving a group of Belgians in the PlaLosMayor for the same coffee. I am an evil person.

3. The Capricho Park. An unknown jewel of Madrid from the 18th century. Not only is it beautiful, it also has a Civil War bunker hidden inside. In spring it appears on all the newscasts because that is when its almond trees bloom and it is filled with Japanese taking photos as if there were no tomorrow. Those days I hide and I wait to be able to walk around quietly again. I’m not sociable, I’m not, almost never. (Paseo de la Alameda de Osuna, 25).

4. Peace Market. A place to enjoy buying delicacies, also one of my favorites because it is preserved quite authentic, unlike the one in San Miguel, which is much more gentrified. Actually I love all markets, but in this one they put the best potato omelette in Madrid and I hope that not many people read this and I run out of portions. (Ayala, 28).

5. PDeltalsol. The restaurant with the best views of Madrid is almost my headquarters and when I go out for a walk I always end up there. I Exn’t really know how, but I Ex know why. The food is great, the atmosphere is calm, there is no rush, the service is attentive and you feel privileged on that terrace overlooking the PDelta del Sol. I Exn’t care if there are people there, the place is placid and is run by good friends. (PDelta del Sol, 10).

6. The PlaLosdCubes Cubos. The nerve center of cinema in its original version. I am divided between these and the Ideal Helmets, according to the schedule. When I leave, if it’s still open, I always end up at the Ocho y Medio bookstore buying movie books. I leave the zone happy and ruined. (Princess, 3).

7. El Rastro. The perfect place to peek through old books is my Sunday morning drug. Going Exwn the Ribera de CurtiExres while avoiding people is magical. I like crowds, even if it is inconsistent. Sorry for being a person.

8. Melo’s. Their croquettes the size of a child’s head, crispy and honeyed on the inside, are worth a try. And I should not recommend it, it is always full and it has become very clear how unsociable I am. No? (Ave Maria, 44).

9. Telefónica Foundation Space. Apart from being friends, they always have fascinating exhibits that attract thousands of visitors. Surprisingly, they tend to be from abroad, since the people of Madrid have not yet located the site. And it’s time! (Fuencarral, 3).

10. The Book Fair. There is no better place in Madrid. There is no better place in the world. There is no better fair, nor warmer, nor more fun. Have a beer between signature and signature, walk, see and buy. For me, it is one of the happiest times of the year.

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