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A Vicente Sanz of nightmares and dreams

Coria won the first round 1-0. / carpint

Second RFEF

Don Benito and Coria face off in a key regional derby for the red-and-whites from below and the sky-blues from above

From nightmares and dreams, Vicente Sanz dresses up this Sunday morning to welcome Don Benito and Coria. The nightmares are red and white and draw an uncertain future for the last four days with salvation at four points and the Messenger threatening behind just one point. Dreams, on the other hand, are painted light blue for a Coria who faces this final stretch with an overflowing illusion, that of a recently promoted man who is fighting to finish in the top five. Complicated dream, but not impossible; It will also be difficult for Don Benito to wake up from his nightmare, although he keeps his options.

“We are convinced that this is our game and it is the one we have to win, it is the way to achieve permanence,” Roberto Aguirre harangued already in the previous one. For the Don Benito coach, his team arrives wanting to play the game to find a much-needed victory, “we are in a delicate situation and forced to beat Coria.”

The week has been one of analysis, but also of reflection after five days without winning. “We try to improve what happens in the areas to get more effectiveness both in ours and in the rival’s”, says Aguirre, “we know that right now each game is complicated, regardless of the rival, everything has a lot of repercussions; That is why we try to prepare the footballer so that he can act on the field without being affected by situations that come both for and against.

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For this match, the rojiblancos lose Carlos Garrido through suspension and the return of Essomba who is already training with the group but does not seem to be 100% yet is not expected today. Between cottons there is also Santana who is a serious doubt for this duel, like Trinidad who left yesterday with discomfort from training.

A motivated Coria will be in front, as Aguirre himself acknowledged in the press room, assessing the season of the Cáuriense club: «It is a good team and very well worked; they have had their bad moment, but they have managed to recover and are there, theirs is a splendid season».

However, Coria has virtual permanence in his pocket, but this Sunday he can get it mathematically. It would be enough for him to add a point at the Vicente Sanz to achieve his first big goal of the season with three games to go. The second, which is what everyone is really thinking about, is to qualify for the promotion playoff to the First RFEF. For that to happen, he has no choice but to go out and seek victory in Don Benito, as much as that condemns the gourds.

«Everything is at stake and for them it is a final, but for us, if we want to continue to be excited and be close to the playoff positions, it is, if possible, a more important game. If the tie would be positive? I only think about going out to win, ”Rai Rosa warned at a press conference.

The Coria coach anticipated that his game proposal will not change, no matter how much the rains may have altered the conditions of the grass. He rules out making big changes in relation to the last victories: «Our idea is going to be the same: go for them from the beginning and play as we are doing. If there is any change, it will be piece by piece.”

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Rai Rosa knows that his rival is going to have to deal with the anxiety of necessarily having to win the three points and will try to take advantage of it: «It is one of the tricks we can have, due to that urgent need that Don Benito has of win the match. If we manage to make the game long and have it under control, it would be important for us.” As for sports news, the only loss continues to be Deco, who is already training with the group after a small fibrillar rupture.

Don Benito

Sebastian Gil; Álex Herrera, Gonzalo, Lolo Pavón, Guijarro, Carlos López, Miquel, Abraham Pozo, Raly, Turmo and David Agudo


Diego Miron; Carlos García, Melli, Mahíllo, Patxi Dávila, Sergio Gómez, Alejandro, Traver, Erik Aguado, Isma Cerro and Iván Fernández.

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