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A wild Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione appeared: the story of why its price is literally incalculable

I think we can all agree that having a Ferrari in the garage home is something reserved for a few. A few that, however, are more every day. In 2021, the brand placed 11,155 units of its exclusive sports cars on the market, 9.38% more than in 2019, when the brand exceeded the 10,000-euro barrier for the first time.

Selling more every day and, at the same time, keeping Ferrari as a firm that is something “of a few” is one of the challenges that arise in the short term. The new Ferrari Purosangue is a good example of this. Ferrari’s first SUV is necessary to be competitive in a segment that supercar manufacturers have also had to enter but that, at the same time, will set the bar very high with its powerful atmospheric V12 that are already an endangered species .

But as in everything, in Ferrari there are also classes. It is something that is learned with each new major release limited to a specific number of units. The Ferrari LaFerrari registered 1,000 orders in just a few days despite the brand having announced that it would be limited to 499 units. Something similar happened with the Ferrari Enzo, whose production was expanded from 349 to 400 units due to its high demand.

Previously, Ferrari had already followed the same strategy with the F50, of which 349 units were produced and it was a change of course, after manufacturing 1,315 Ferrari F40s, one of the models most loved by fans of the brand. Before, the Ferrari 288 GTO had already fallen in love and had become the first of the great series of supercars that we have been reviewing and whose latest addition has been the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

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Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution

Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution

Ferrari 288 GTO, its history

The Ferrari 288 GTO is a very peculiar supercar in the history of Maranello. To participate in some of its competitions, the FIA ​​requires the approval of a minimum number of units suitable for driving on the road, a base on which the competition models are based and which, to a greater or lesser extent, resemble the vehicles of street A good example is the Toyota GR Yaris.

In the 1980s, one of the wildest and most literary competitions was Group B of the World Rally Championship. Private teams had previously competed in Group 4 with the Ferrari 308 GTB, but the projects were unrelated to Maranello. There were even versions for Group B. But when the firm wanted to get down to work, it was too late.

The B Group From the very beginning, it became the category most followed by lovers of the World Rally Championship. It was an absolutely wild category, which hardly required a minimum weight of 900 kg per car but which did not open doors to unbridled developments. Soon the cars became coffins with wheels where safety measures were almost non-existent in sports cars that exceeded 500 hp. The consequence was evident: it was suspended after a good number of fatal accidents.

Along the way, Ferrari had developed the Ferrari 288 GTO with the aim of competing in the World Championship. Unfortunately, the FIA ​​closed the category before it could debut. It is one of the reasons why only 272 units were built. Ferrari wanted to reach the minimum to compete and had developed a whole competition car that was homologated on the street. What made him the fastest car of the moment.

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The Ferrari 288 GTO became the fastest car of the moment. We are talking about a supercar that in 1984 mounted V8 of 2.8 liters and 400 CV and that it was capable of reaching 100 km/h from a standstill in 4.8 seconds. But its top speed was 304 km/h, making it the first production car to break the 300 km/h barrier.



Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione, a unicorn of incalculable price

But in addition to these 272 units, six other very particular units were built, named Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione. The version that would be used to compete in the rally championship and that, however, never became part of it.

The FIA ​​forced to produce 20 of these units but with the cancellation of the championship, only six left the factory of which there are very few details about their current owners. Yes it is known that the Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution It was a preparation that was perfected in the Michelotto workshop in Padua and Pininfarina.

Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution

Ferrari 288 GTO Evolution

The result was a brutal jewel dressed in Kevlar and fiberglass that kept the 2.8-liter V8 block but that, after the modifications, was squeezed out to 650 hp. All with a weight of 940 kg. As a result, the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione could reach the 370km/h. A car, let’s not forget, from 1987.

One of the units was used as a mule to develop what would later become known as the Ferrari F40. Now, one of these Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s between October 19 and 21. This particular unit became part of the collection of Lawrence Stroll, owner of the Formula 1 team where Fernando Alonso will compete next season.

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After changing hands, the unit has been fine-tuned in a deep restoration that has cost more than 130,000 euros and has returned it to its original state. The price that this unit can reach can be exorbitant and it is that, at the moment, the well-cared-for Ferrari 288 GTOs are being auctioned for prices between three and five million euros.

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