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A woman from Elche, new president of the Spanish Federation for Breastfeeding

FEDALMA, the Spanish Federation of Associations for Breastfeeding, has renewed its board of directors And from now Anaís Ferrández, former president and current member of La Mama d’Elx is the new president of the national confederation, it is explained in a statement. The board change was carried out in an emotional act that took place last November, in Tarragona, during the development of the VII Meeting of FEDALMA. In this way the outgoing president Eulalia Torres y Ribas received during the renewal of positions a heartfelt recognition for the work done over the years. On the other hand, the new directive comes with renewed energies and eager to undertake new projects and implement new work commissions. La Mama d’Elx has distinguished itself in recent years for its many initiatives to publicize the benefits of breastfeeding.

On the occasion of your recent appointment Anaís Ferrández has declared “I assume the position of the presidency full of enthusiasm and wanting to carry out many projects to give a voice to more than 10,000 women, through the 104 associations throughout Spain. Make respect, make visible and value the women’s reproductive right to breastfeed. In addition, with the full conviction that mothers are the engine of society, those in charge, in all cases of giving birth and breastfeeding, and on some occasions, of raising and educating the future people of this planet ”. Likewise, she pointed out that one of the main objectives as president of FEDALMA will be to consolidate fluid communication with all breastfeeding support groups at the national level and to better understand the reality and concerns that the federation should support.

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Anaís Ferrández: “I arrive full of enthusiasm and wanting to carry out many projects to give a voice to more than 10,000 women, through the 104 associations throughout Spain”


In this spirit of renewal, the new board of directors is already working on the annual Congress of FEDALMA, to be held in the city of Elche on October 7 and 8, 2022. An important challenge that will focus on a precious, and sometimes complicated subject, such as the different lactations from the disability of mothers or babies, inequalities, lack of protection …, spaces of maternal vulnerability.


Last November 13 and 14 was held in Tarragona on VII Meeting of FEDALMA (Spanish Federation of Pro-Breastfeeding Associations), the first post-pandemic congress of support groups belonging to the national federation. Had like host and organizing group to the De de Pit association. The call was hybrid between assistance face-to-face and online thus allowing the participation of the associations (22 in face-to-face mode and 7 with virtual assistance).

Anaís Ferrández, a woman from Elche at the forefront of breastfeeding INFORMATION

The inauguration on Saturday was led by the singer Anna Pacheco with a beautiful song entitled “El viaje” (Author Conchita). The authorities then spoke about their admiration for the work of the support groups, and for all the mothers who want to breastfeed their children.

The first presentation was from Adolfo Gómez Papí, pediatrician, who spoke of the incidence of COVID and breastfeeding. During his presentation, he dismantled the large number of myths and hoaxes that have been spreading against breastfeeding as a result of COVID. He also recalled that the mother’s breast is the baby’s immune organ and the importance of the protection it offers, especially in the first six months.

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In the round table Saturday, on the work of the support groups during confinement, the groups of Mama d’Elx, Mare a mare de Cartagena and Do de pit de Tarragona, exposed how they had been reborn thanks to new technologies.

On Sunday morning the day began again with the singer Anna Pacheco who delighted the audience this time with the aria “Oh my dear daddy” by Puccini. A metaphor of giving “the chest do”, something that all mothers know how to do very well. Continued with the morning Rosa Llurba with his presentation on feminist motherhood. The meeting concluded with a few words and the attendees were able to enjoy a boat trip around the entire seaport, ending the day with a good seafood paella.


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