Tuesday, November 28

A woman is forced to work in the baby clothing section after suffering a miscarriage

Sensitivity and empathy are not well distributed throughout the world. A woman’s tweet has gone viral when it revealed that a store clerk was forced to work in the baby section after having suffered a miscarriage.

“I asked the girl who was treating me with the clothes about how was your day and she told me that she was holding on because she had just had a miscarriage and they made her work in the baby section, “the tweet reads.

Outrage and disbelief by the attitude of the heads of the aforementioned establishment, and the solidarity with the young woman have been the dominant notes in the comments generated by the publication.

Some questioned why the girl was working so soon after such an episode, leading the conversation to the debate on the cruelty of capitalist society in which we live. “He probably couldn’t afford to lose his job,” ventures one of the responses.

The story of this worker has led to a deeper discussion, where the problem of trauma in the workplace has been addressed and lack of compassion that companies often display for with their templates.

Numerous women have shared his own story about miscarriages and the stolid reaction of her managers to her loss.

“One of the managers at Target he asked me for a test of my miscarriage, so I quit, I’d rather be broke than work for a company that didn’t give a shit, “one tweeter underlined:

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“People don’t realize how common is this shit“says another woman who adds that” when I had a miscarriage, the doctor gave me a receipt so that I had 3 days off and my bosses were not happy that I took them. One of my bosses actually said, “uh, I wonder if you were ever really pregnant“. Some people just don’t think”:

The original tweet is close to 300,000 “likes” by have opened this melon on social networks and accumulates a thousand comments.


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