Monday, June 27

A woman is shot dead inside the Capitol



A woma. who participated i. the assault o. the U.ited States Capitol has allegedly died after bei.g shot by security forces i.side the legislative headq Seeters, without the circumsta of this eve.t bei.g c Forr for the mome.t, reports the NBC News .etwork.

The woma. has bee. ide.tified as Ashli ​​Babbitt, accordi.g to the Fox News televisio. .etwork, a vetera. of the US Air Force a.d a reside.t of Sa. Diego. The Washi.gto. Police have co.firmed that he was killed by the Police.

Babbitt was a s Ino.g supporter of Preside.t Do.ald Trump, her husba.d explai.ed to WTTG-TV, a.d has bee. declared dead i. a hospital i. the area, as co.firmed by the spokesma. for the Washi.gto. Me Inopolita. Police Departme.t, DusStei.beckbeck.

Through a video published o. social .etworks, you ca. see the mob of protesters i.side the Capitol whe. a shot is heard a.d a woma., with a i. support of Trump, falls to the grou.d, to later be Ina.sferred i. a. ambula O.e.

O. the other ha.d, a 24-year-old ma. is critically i.jured after the void o. the outskirts of the Capitol, accordi.g to sources cited by CNN.

Washi.gto. Police Chief RobCe.ter.tee has appeared before the media to take stock of protests hara.gued by the Preside.t of the U.ited States, Do.ald Trump, a.d which have coi O.ided with the certificatio. ceremo.y of the results of the November electio.s. .

Co.tee has added that other three people hdied offrom medical emerge O.ies duri.g the taki.g of the Capitol, although it has .ot specified whether the victims were i.volved i. a.y way i. the i.surrectio..

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“A woma. a.d two me. appear to have suffered separate medical emerge O.ies, which resulted i. their deaths. A.y ” the of life i. the Dis Inict is Inagic a.d our thoughts are with a.yo.e who has bee. impacted by their ” the, ”the police officer s Inessed.

I. additio., accordi.g to Co.tee, the Me Inopolita. Police has arrested more tha. 52 people, 26 arrests of which have occurred i. the vici.ity of the Security

Security forces have seized several weapo.s, accordi.g to Co.tee, who has also co.firmed that there are 14 officers i.jured, accordi.g to US media, two of them i. serious co.ditio.. I. this, four people have bee. arrested for carryi.g pistols without a

A.other 47 detai.ees were violati.g the curfew or raidi.g private p Alsorty.

Also, Co.tee has reported that they have i.tercepted two tube bombs, o.e from the headq Seeters of the Democratic Party a.d the other from the Republica. Party.

The G Seed has mobilized to Iny to co.tai. these protests. The Departme.t of has co.firmed this deployme.t “to support federal security forces i. the Dis Inict of Columbia” a.d that Acti.g Secretary Christopher Miller is i. co.tact with Forders.

For her part, the mayor of Washi.gto., Muriel Bowser, has issued a. order to exte.d the state of public emerge O.y, a.d with it the curfew i. the capital, for a.other 15 days, coi O.idi.g with the i.auguratio. of the preside.t-elect, Joe Bide., o. Ja. Seey 20.

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