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A world without limits for people with diabetes :: Iberian Press for AstraZeneca

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In Spain, diabetes affects almost 6 million people, and especially people over 75 years of age. The number of people affected by this disease, which is broadly characterized by hyperglycemia due to a deficit in insulin secretion or defects in insulin itself, has been increasing in recent years, reaching in 7.8% of people in Spain in 2017. The figures are even more alarming if we consider that in 1993 the figure was 4%.

Taking into account this important impact on society as a whole and the weight of intensive control in the management of this disease to avoid developing complications, LifeScan has taken advantage of the opportunity offered by new technologies. It has developed the OneTouch Reveal application, designed to take a further step in the management of diabetes after a capillary blood glucose measurement and to support metabolic control and the correct daily dose of insulin.

In its commitment to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes, this application goes beyond the numbers to focus on the patient, help you better manage your illness and to make correct decisions in case of hyper or hypoglycemia, among other situations. The application connects with the blood glucose meter via bluetooth and offers a specific interpretation through colors, empowering the user in the management of their disease.

It has a mobile application, and two Web App, one for patients and one for healthcare professionals, thanks to which the patient can share their report in PDF with their doctor with a single click, thus guaranteeing rapid transmission of information. This process is also useful for caregivers and the patient’s family, since they have the data on their mobile phone, in real time. Thanks to its characteristics, the application has different certificates and numerous national awards, highlighting the ease of navigation it offers and its central weight in the management of the disease.

One piece in a complete ecosystem

The ecosystem Digital OneTouch Reveal, interconnects the different digital tools with the parties involved in the treatment of diabetes to facilitate the lives of patients and the understanding of the data by healthcare professionals and their caregivers. It should also be noted that the application also connects with the external health applications of other companies to record, among others, daily exercise.

The LifeScan application is part of a set of digital solutions developed by the American firm around the correct management of diabetes. Among other tools, they have the technology PatternAlert, developed around a algorithm capable of identifying glycemic patterns, which helps patients and healthcare professionals analyze results, discover abnormal patterns, and correctly modify treatment. On the other hand, technology ColourSure makes it possible to understand blood glucose results through a colored indicator.

Finally, the brand has also developed OneTouch Verio Reflect, a new glucose meter that guides and provides information to patients.

In recent years, LifeScan has focused on developing products focused on the interpretation of blood sugar results, taking into account that a large part of the users of the measuring devices are older people. The aim of the firm is to create a world without limits for people with diabetes, which is why digital solutions have become their essential allies.

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