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A young man arrested for raping his 12-year-old sister in Requena

A Civil Guard vehicle

A Civil Guard vehicle

Agents of the Civil Guard detained a young man last weekend in Requena for an assault on her current romantic partner. When he was already arrested for a crime of violence against women, the Armed Institute investigators learned that this same person had allegedly raped a younger sister, only 12 years old, for which he was also charged with a crime of sexual abuse of a person under 16 years of age with the aggravation of kinship.

After taking a statement from the minor, she was transferred to a hospital to be explored by the forensic doctor. Likewise, the investigations are still open to establish the extent of the injuries, how long the touching lasted, whether there was carnal access or not, as well as the psychological damages that he would have allegedly caused his sister.

The arrested person has already been placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction number one of Requena, acting as a guard. The judge, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, agreed to release the detainee for a crime against the sexual freedom of a minor, pending the formal accusation of the crime, depending on whether or not there was violence. and carnal access. For the time being and as a precautionary measure to protect the victim, the judge issued a restraining order that prohibits the young man from approaching his sister and communicate in any way with her, and forces him to leave the family home.

The psychologists of the València Institute of Legal Medicine will now have to evaluate the credibility of the minor’s story in the face of trial. This type of examination is always carried out on the victim and the risk of the alleged aggressor is not evaluated, whether he is a repeat offender or not. Thus, it is the complainant who must show that what she relates is plausible, that there is persistence in the incrimination and that there is no spurious motive of any kind.

Convicted of sexually assaulting his partner’s daughter

Precisely, the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community has now confirmed a sentence of the Third Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia and ratifies the penalty of twelve years in prison for a continued crime of sexual abuse of a minor under 16 years of age for a man who abused his partner’s daughter between February and July 2019, putting his fingers into her vagina, when she was fifteen years old.

In the appeal, the credibility of the victim was questioned, claiming that he is “a person prone to fable” and that a few days after the complaint the minor and her mother were happy on a cruise, as evidenced by the photographs uploaded on social networks. However, as the judgment of the TSJCV makes clear, “the fact of the cruise is still something anecdotal (…) that in no way detracts from the testimony” of the victim. In fact, the adolescent “has told at least up to eight times the same version of events without ambiguities or contradictions, in a clear and forceful way,” the magistrate remarks.

In addition, there are peripheral confirmations of her story, such as the testimony of the mother who surprised her partner in the room of the minor one night, the friends to whom she told what was happening or the autolytic injuries that the minor caused due to to the psychological damage suffered.

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