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A young man who started a signature campaign to free brothers accused in Texas of beating a rapist stepfather to death is an activist who promotes immigration reform and a “Day Without Immigrants” on February 14 through TikTok

From left to right: Alejandro Treviño, Christian Treviño and Juan Eduardo Meléndez.

From left to right: Alejandro Treviño, Christian Treviño and Juan Eduardo Meléndez.

Photo: Hidalgo County Records/Courtesy

The signature campaign on that seeks to reduce the charges in Texas against the three teenagers, two of these brothers, accused of beating their stepfather to death for raping a 9-year-old girl exceeded 450,000 signatures on Thursday.

When the petition reaches 500,000 signatures it will become one of the “top” petitions on the platform.

But if it had not been for the initiative of immigration activist Carlos Eduardo Espina, it is very likely that we would not be talking about this issue now.

Espina is the person who started the signature campaign on January 24 that seeks to pressure for clemency to be granted to Christian and Alejandro Treviño, 17 and 18 years old, respectively; and their friend, Juan Eduardo Meléndez, 18.

The three are accused of beating Gabriel Quintanilla, 42, to death and against whom an arrest warrant weighed since 2019 for allegedly sexually abusing the half-sister of the Treviño for a period of 2 years.

Espina, originally from Bryan-College Station, studies law at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, according to the KTSA News report.

En his TikTok profile he has more than 2 million followers. Among other topics, advocates for immigration reform in the United States, and, promotes the event “A day without immigrants” for this next February 14, as a way to create awareness about the social and economic contribution of this group in the country.

Regarding the case of the Treviño and Meléndez, Espina argued that since minimum mandatory sentences for capital crimes were established in Texas, two of the defendants in the case would automatically be sentenced to life in prison if found guilty if they are not sentenced to death. death.

“Their lives are basically over,” Espina said in the interview with the media.

Both Christian and Meléndez face capital murder charges (eligible for death penalty), aggravated assault and organized criminal activity.

While Alexander was accused of Aggravated Assault and Organized Criminal Activity.

The petition created by Espina asks the state of Texas to release the teens.

“The three teenagers are currently in custody and their bonds are set at $1 million dollars each. If convicted of capital murder, they face a minimum sentence of life in prison without parole,” the petition reads.

“We ask the state of Texas to release these teenagers, who may be they could spend the rest of their lives in prison for protecting their sister“, adds the description of the campaign.

Espina clarified that, with the request, he seeks that either the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, or another competent authority, review the severity of the charges and reassess whether a life sentence is a fair punishment should the youth be convicted.

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