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A young man who tried to defend his mother in Valencia was prosecuted for murder

The young man accused of homicide talks with his lawyer before giving a statement in court

The young man accused of homicide talks with his lawyer before giving a statement in court
I. Cabanes

If nothing prevents it and the appeal of your defense does not prosper, Francisco, 22, will have to answer to the Justice for the death of his mother’s ex-partner, with whom he struggled in November 2019 after dating in defense of his mother when the alleged abuser went to his ex’s home in Torrent and “grabbed her tightly by the neck with the intention of undermining her physical integrity, “as a court of violence against women declared on the same day that this 47-year-old man died.

The Court of Instruction number three of Torrent processes the young man for a crime of homicide although in the car it reflects that the deceased himself was treated at the hospital and refused to undergo a radiological test to rule out internal injuries. The day after the incident with the son of his victim, and after holding a speedy trial for the mistreatment, the man sentenced to 40 days of work for the benefit of the community fell collapsed at the door of his brother’s home and despite the attempts by resuscitating him, the doctors certified his death.

“It was a struggle and we fell to the ground, I just wanted to defend my mother”, the young man testified before the judge last week, who denies that he punched him and that it was the deceased himself who hit the ground while telling them that he was going to ruin their lives. In the indictment, and after taking statements from several neighbors of the farm and the mother of the accused, victim of mistreatment, The judge states that after engaging and hitting each other, it was LTP who harmed himself hitting his head several times against the ground.

The events, which occurred on November 25, 2019 in Torrent, were also witnessed by the seven-year-old daughter of the deceased, from whom a statement has been taken through a Gesell camera. The man went with the minor to the home of his ex-partner, with whom he had stopped living a month earlier, and began to knock insistently on the door for it to open. Before the police could go to the home, alerted by the victim, her son arrived and urged his attacker to leave the place, initiating a discussion between the two, according to the indictment.

The 47-year-old man with various pathologies – was a multi-drug addict and had cirrhosis of the liverAccording to the defendant’s defense, he was treated at first at the health center and later at the General Hospital of Valencia when he reported pain in his left side. However, although a radiological test was prescribed to rule out internal injuries, the patient himself refused to carry it out and was discharged. At 3:00 p.m. the next day, he fainted when he went to see his brother. The forensics of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia established in the autopsy as the mediate cause of death a ruptured spleen due to a thoracic trauma compatible with a death of homicidal etiology.

In addition, toxicological reports indicate that the deceased had consumed alcohol, central nervous system depressants and cocaine, which acts as a stimulant, in the hours before his death.

They request the dismissal

The defense of the young man, exercised by the lawyer Silvia Moya, has appealed the indictment of his client and requests the free dismissal of the proceedings against him “as there are no reasonable indications of criminality.” Thus, they attribute the death of the deceased to a “reprehensible and little diligent attitude” of the latter. “Regardless of the existence of a struggle between the two, death was caused by his unfortunate state of health and by his refusal to undergo radiological tests,” they argue while maintaining that if the case continues against his sponsor, it is due to “the need to find culprits”.

In any case, according to the lawyer, “said struggle between the two was aimed at avoiding the injuries that LT was causing to the mother of my client. The now deceased grabbed her tightly by the neck with the intention of undermining her physical integrity, and the intention It was my client’s duty to mediate to prevent it, but never to cause him any injury. ”


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