Saturday, January 22

“A young woman begged to be killed and her baby”: the hospital in Afghanistan where children die of malnutrition

  • By Elaine Jung and Tom Donkin
  • BBC World Service

A child receives medical treatment at a hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on October 14, 2021.

Image source, Getty Images


A malnourished child in Kandahar in October

Many of the doctors in crisis-hit Afghan hospitals work without pay. In this report, they talk to the BBC about the country’s brutal humanitarian crisis and how caring for their patients is nearly impossible.

All names in this report have been changed.

Dr. Nuri, an obstetrician in central Afghanistan, was about to start a cesarean section when the young mother burst into tears. She begged that they kill her and her baby.

“I don’t know how I can stay alive ‘, said the mother,’ how can I give birth to another human being?”

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