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A young woman from Badajoz wins the Cádiz Carnival poster contest but is disqualified for being 17 years old

On the left, Violeta Manzano’s proposal and on the right the poster that has finally won. / TODAY

The work ‘Carnaval illuminame’, by Violeta Manzano, was the most voted by the popular jury, but it will not represent this party

It has not been. A young woman from Badajoz, Violeta Manzano, has won the poster contest to advertise the Cadiz Carnival to be held in June. However, the jury has disqualified the proposal because this student is only 17 years old and
you have chosen an image which was in third position in the ranking of votes.

The poster that Violenta Manzano presented is called ‘Carnival Iluminame’ and represents a woman, with a make-up mask, holding the Falla theater, which is illuminated, in her hands. This proposal has been the most voted for by the popular jury, which is the one who decides in Cádiz the image that will represent her party. All people registered in Cádiz can vote. The image has also been the one that has achieved the best ratings on social networks.

However, Violeta’s poster was disqualified by the contest’s organizers, considering that it did not comply with the rules. They specify that the person who signs the work “in this case is a minor, must have full legal capacity and to act.”

Third place wins

The prize has gone to the third classified in the popular vote because the second was also disqualified, in his case, for not submitting the required documentation. The image that will represent the party is very summery. It is signed by the Cádiz artist Pablo Fernández and is called Operación Carnaval Caleta. It represents a neighbor on the beach, but under a shower of confetti and with the typical colors of this party.

The family of Violeta Manzano rejects the decision of the organizers of the contest because they assure that they consulted if this young woman could present herself and received an affirmative answer. “Before presenting it, her relatives contacted the Cadiz City Hall Festival Department and asked if she, being a minor, could present herself to the contest, to which they replied that there was no problem if she was endorsed by their parents, as we irrefutably did”.

The popular vote took place from April 29 to May 4 and the poster of the young woman from Badajoz prevailed. Subsequently, the process passed into the hands of a commission, with different artists, which established that the first two proposals did not comply with the rules and named the third the winner.

The Cadiz Carnival will be held from June 2 to 12 with its traditional contest of comparsas and chirigotas, in addition to other events. The organizers of this party decided to delay it due to the pandemic. In Badajoz, however, February was maintained as the date of celebration. It was the first city that recovered the massive celebrations.

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