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Aaron Rodgers booking timeline: key dates, unseen penalties on Packers offseason schedule

Time is ticking for quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers with the NFL schedule entering June. With the financial implications of a potential trade now more manageable for Green Bay and the start of the 2021 regular season three months away, a final decision must be made as to whether he will stay or leave this offseason.

Before June, trading Rodgers would have forced the Packers to take a $ 38.356 million dead money hit and they also counted another $ 1.154 million against their salary cap.

Now, if it is doled out to Rodgers, that dead money would be distributed between 2021 and 2022, with a hit of $ 21.152 million this year and another of $ 17.204 million next. The big difference in a post-June 1 trade comes in the savings of $ 16.05 million for this year’s salary cap.

While that’s still not an ideal monetary scenario for Green Bay, he can afford to move him if there’s no chance he wants to play for the Packers again.

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What’s the next key date to watch for Aaron Rodgers?

So far, Rodgers has only missed volunteer team workouts. While he’s never done that with any kind of OTA in his Packers career, he still hasn’t lost money to extend the impasse like that this year.

It appears that Rodgers, however, will also miss the Packers’ three-day minicamp that begins Tuesday, June 8. Missing the entire practice session will cost Rodgers less than $ 100,000, which isn’t a big deal given the size. of your contract and supplemental endorsement income. But the money becomes a little more significant as that decision would also cost Rodgers his $ 500,000 annual training bonus.

What if Aaron Rodgers misses training camp?

Let’s say Rodgers is fine losing that half a million or more to maintain his early summer vacation. So there’s not much I can change as the teams go dark before training camp later this month.

The Packers officially begin camp on July 27. Each day Rodgers is absent from camp, it will cost him $ 50,000, so just 10 days would equal the previous potential lost training bonus.

If that still seems like a relatively silly change relative to how unhappy Rodgers is with the top of the Packers organization, watch out for Rodgers staying out of preseason games as well. The Packers don’t play their first exhibition contest until hosting the Texans on Aug. 14. If Rodgers misses that game and the other two (Aug. 21 vs. Jets, Aug. 28 at Bills), he would lose another $ 2.58 million, or $ 860,000 per game lost.

Rodgers should already have the Packers’ attention on his seriousness in wanting a better situation. June may seem like a waiting pattern for the showdown, but if this comes to the end of July and it doesn’t seem like it will end by early August, Green Bay would have to speed up its move.

Is there a “deadline” for an Aaron Rodgers trade to be canceled in 2021?

There is no official deadline in the future timeline, but the start of camp makes perfect sense if it is clear that Rodgers will still not show up. That’s for two reasons, one for Green Bay and one for the team trying to acquire Rodgers.

For the Packers, they would need most of training camp and all of preseason to prepare second-year first-round Jordan Love to shift his mindset to a full-time starter in the face of a promising young development option behind Rodgers. For the team looking for Rodgers, they would need roughly the same amount of time, even as smart as him, to bring him into a new offense.

What about the Packers who traded Aaron Rodgers in 2022?

As detailed here when Rodgers’ contract is discussed in depth, when the next league year begins in March 2022, the Packers can move Rodgers without real cap issues before June.

A trade earlier in the year would give the Packers $ 22.648 million in salary cap relief with just $ 17,204 in dead money. If they designated the trade for June, the Packers would save $ 25.5 million toward the cap with $ 14,352 million by 2022 and $ 2,852 million by 2023.

That would also mark the time when the Packers must make a future decision on Love’s contract, before the final year of his rookie contract in 2023 and the subsequent club option year in 2024.

Rodgers just needs a Packers outing. The Packers want to be patient with the situation trying to appease the league’s reigning MVP QB, but they can only wait until Rodgers pressures them into action.

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