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«Ababor», the first nautical fair in Euskadi



Ficoba begins the course by launching a new fair for the general public, on this occasion, with recreational boating as the protagonist. To do this, it will be transformed into a covered port, in which the exhibitors will present their nautical proposals and technical knowledge to visitors in a comfortable and welcoming environment, both those who are already accustomed to practicing these activities and those people who are starting to get into this field.

The truth is that the interest and love for this type of leisure continues to grow. In Euskadi we are not oblivious to this trend. According to figures from the National Association of Nautical Companies (ANEN), the registrations of recreational boats have increased by 17% in the accumulated of 2021 compared to 2019.

There is no doubt that recreational boating and water activities are increasingly valued leisure alternatives and are accelerating the growth of the sector. And to make room for them in the trade fair scene around us, Ficoba has launched the Ababor Boat Show.

This first Euskadi Boat Show, which this year carries the slogan We are the sea, will be held from April 1 to 3 in Ficoba. Aimed at the general public, it seeks to attract all sectors related to recreational boating and water activities to make available to this public solutions to navigate without the need to purchase a boat, alternatives and places to enjoy nautical activities, sea ​​and river boat rental companies, cabin rental offers, cruise schools that allow you to go on your own, in short, the many services available in the maritime leisure sector and, of course, there will also be a representation of boats.

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Why in Ficoba?

Ficoba is the seat of the exams for obtaining qualifications for the government of pleasure boats in the Basque Country. Therefore, people who have nautical-sports qualifications know Ficoba, they are used to approaching its facilities. In 2021 alone, 2,100 people have been examined at the fairground facilities.

This closeness to the nautical world, together with Ficoba’s experience in organizing newly created fairs, both for professionals and for the general public, and the verification of the interest of exhibiting companies and visitors, has encouraged the fairgrounds to promote Ababor.

Industry support

For the launch of Ababor we have the support of ANEN, the National Association of Nautical Companies, employers of the nautical sector in Spain. It currently integrates more than ninety percent of the industrial and business fabric of recreational nautical, as well as various regional nautical Associations.

Both organizations have joined forces to promote the fair and projects to promote the Basque nautical destination that help increase the turnover of the Basque nautical business fabric and projects that help improve the competitiveness of the Basque nautical business fabric and the Cantabrian coast.

In the words of Carlos Sanlorenzo, secretary general of ANEN, “It is really motivating to start the year with the announcement of the celebration of the first nautical fair in Euskadi, Ababor, by the hand of Ficoba. As the employers of recreational boating, we are pleased that the initiatives around the growth and promotion of the sector are increasingly numerous and respond to the territorial cohesion that we need as a large industrial sector, with the capacity to generate employment and wealth. From ANEN we have been promoting the activity of Nautical Tourism for several years, especially on the Cantabrian coast, and this fair will undoubtedly become one of the strategic points to show the momentum of this activity”.

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