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Abala Infraestructuras promotes sustainable construction in order to reduce the environmental impact

Work to expand the Emergency Room of the Alicante Hospital.

Work to expand the Emergency Room of the Alicante Hospital.

Prevent and reduce environmental impacts in the construction sector with the aim of helping to create a more sustainable future. This is the solid direction you are moving forward Abala Infrastructures, a first-rate company that covers all areas of engineering and construction in Alicante, Valencia, Madrid, Murcia and Salamanca.

In order to continue adapting and mitigating the effects of climate change in all its activities, Abala follows a series of rigorous standards and measures in all its works that have led the company to become a benchmark in sustainability in the construction sector.

Specifically, in the works that the company is currently executing, more than 80% of the materials used have an environmental seal. These badges that Abala Infraestructuras has have been obtained in accordance with environmental legislation and provide added value to the company in all its actions.

Environmental certification is a document that guarantees that the evaluated building meets certain quality standards. Its objective is the reduction of impacts, which is the final way to measure the sustainability of the building. For this reason, Abala has established an Environmental Management System, based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Standard, certified since 2019 by SGS ICS IBÉRICA.

This has led the Alicante-based company to work with suppliers that supply eco-labeled products and other sustainable badges that include the corresponding environmental certificates, issued by independent laboratories and other organizations.

Before the start of all its works, the company draws up a manual of good environmental practices.

Sustainable buildings with the environment

Developing sustainable buildings with the environment is a fundamental pillar for Abala. With this objective, measures involving the efficient use of energy and water, resources and non-harmful materials for the environment, and thus be able to reduce environmental impacts.

Along these lines, the company is committed to innovation in new technologies applying the latest innovations in machinery and auxiliary means. All with the aim of optimizing its construction processes in all the works it carries out in the different provinces in which it operates.

Another of the requirements that the company meets, before the start of all its works, is the preparation of a manual of good environmental practices, which includes a control of used oils, cans, wrapping of construction materials, both plastics and wood.

But the commitment of Abala for the environment does not end there: those responsible also try apply this sustainable business model in all the activities they carry out. Among these actions, the use of ecological vehicles, the selection of machines and tools that are as silent as possible, the reduction of the use of conventional energies, through the incorporation of automatic systems for turning off electric light and low consumption luminaires, or the bet for the purchase of materials and products in bulk so as to reduce the generation of unnecessary packaging and containers.

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