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Ábalos reveals that he has not spoken with Sánchez since he left the Government

José Luis Ábalos and Pedro Sánchez.

José Luis Ábalos and Pedro Sánchez.
Jose Luis Roca

On July 10, José Luis Ábalos met with Pedro Sánchez. The then Minister of Transport was aware of the need to “re-drive the government’s political action.” He knew that among the Executive’s plans was a government crisis. What he learned that hot Saturday in July in a meeting with the president is that he was part of the group of people who were leaving the Council of Ministers. Since that day they have not spoken again. This is what Ábalos himself has revealed, two months after his departure, he claims not to be disappointed. “It had already been all that it could be“, he has sentenced. What remains undisclosed are the reasons for his departure.

The former Minister of Transport and also former Secretary of Organization of the PSOE was one of the names that jumped out of Sánchez’s government team. What was the motivation for the replacement of one of the president’s strongmen continues to generate doubts. “There are questions that I don’t even ask many times“, Ábalos has affirmed in his first interview since then, granted to The sixth. “I understand that it corresponds to a trial and a conception,” he continued.

“Disappointments come when one aspires to something and then they do not come. I did not aspire to anything. I have already been everything,” Ábalos said when asked how Sánchez’s decision made him feel. Since that day, he has counted, he has not spoken with the Prime Minister, although he has wanted to take away the iron from the matter: “Who you have to dispatch with is who you are working with“In addition, he has indicated that during the summer he has dedicated himself to rest.

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Political wear

Ábalos has pointed out, on several occasions, that his departure from the Executive could be due to the political wear and tear he had suffered in recent years. The pandemic, the coalition with United We Can, the arrival of the extreme right to Congress … All of this, he explained, affected him a lot in his personal sphere. “The first line that I was in is personally accused, there is a tremendous resignation of private life“He insisted. In addition, after claiming” a bit of privacy “, he has revealed that his departure from the first political line has to do with with his family.

Asked about the weight that the controversy surrounding the stop of the vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, at the Barajas airport or the scandal about the rescue of the Plus Ultra airline could have in Sánchez’s decision, Ábalos has stated that ” none, because those are not the reasons. ” In this sense, he recalled that both issues are “tremendously judicialized.”

Trust and affection

The former minister has also spoken about his relationship with United We Can in the Government. A “very positive” and “very respectful” experience, he pointed out. “In my case there was an earned respect that turned into trust and I think even affection“He has admitted, although he has acknowledged that there were” divergences “although always within respect. The frictions within the Government have been attributed to the” very different political cultures “of the PSOE and United We Can.

To say goodbye to the interview, Ábalos has chosen the song of Edith Piaf ‘No, I don’t regret anything’ (No, no me arrepiento de nada). “It is useless to regret something“, he has sentenced.

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