Friday, April 16

Abascal blames Marlaska for the disturbances in Vallecas: “He set up a gigantic police device that he did not use”

Santiago Abascal during the eventful rally.

Santiago Abascal during the eventful rally.

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has pointed out directly to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, of the riots occurred this Wednesday in Vallecas during the act of presentation of his candidacy for the elections of next May 4.

Marlaska is directly responsible for all the attacks that occurred. He set up a gigantic police device that was not used properly, “criticized the president of Vox in interviews on Antena 3 and Tele Cinco, collected by Europa Press.

Abascal has denounced that its leaders and supporters were “harassed, attacked and insulted” at “only 18 meters away”. And he has assured that he himself received the impact – “today I have a sore face” – of a plastic bottle filled with liquid; at the same time that it has shown a cobblestone collected from the Plaza de Vallecas where the event was held.

The Vox leader has insisted that the members of the National Police had orders “not to act” to prevent these “attacks” on Vox and his followers suffered the throwing of “bottles and cobblestones” that, as he has denounced, could even have killed someone if they had hit one of their heads.

“It did not happen a misfortune because God did not want”, has reiterated defending their right to hold political events in all parts of Spain and accusing the former vice president of the Government and candidate of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, of “criminal” and “pathological liar” for accusing them of going to Vallecas to provoke. In fact, he has pointed to United We Can as responsible for the harassment of Vox and also PSOE and Más Madrid, who signed a manifesto against them.

In this point, Abascal has warned that he does not accept “equidistance” and the Ministry of the Interior must guarantee the celebration of his political acts. And he has rejected that he provoked violence by coming down from the rostrum. “I cannot admit that we have broken the police cordon, it is not true. I went up to the platform and they were throwing objects at us,” he reported, explaining that he approached the police cordon to count the “few” steps that separated them.

“The stones were only thrown by some. We were facing an act of organized violence to prevent us from speaking“, he has insisted, demanding that the Government put all public resources” at the service of security and freedom. ”

Against the surveys

Regarding Vox’s electoral prospects on May 4, he has been sure that the polls are wrong, “voluntarily” in addition, and has recalled that it already happened in previous elections, such as those in Andalusia or the general elections.

After election day, he said that his presence or not in the regional government is what matters the least to them and his goal is “to win over communism.” “Rocío Monasterio is the best candidate to govern Madrid”, he has defended.

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