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ABC rewards “contemporary solidarity”, an ode to fraternity




The XVII edition of the ABC Solidario Awards yesterday distributed a total of 100,000 euros with the sponsorship of Telefónica and Santander in order to mitigate social inequality that is still evident inside and outside our borders despite the fact that, at times, it goes unnoticed. “Solidarity has long been part of the essence of civil society, but it is not like 50 years ago. This contemporary solidarity is much more organized, it is much more intensive, efficient and professional and it is also much more widespread and can thus reach many more points and more people who may feel concerned, “said the director of ABC, Julián Quirós, who has presented these awards for the first time.

«We have awarded elderly, the health sector, women, poverty, childhoodWe have been to different parts of Spain, Africa, America … fellow members of the jury, mission accomplished », the gala closed Ángel Exposito, director of Cadena COPE’s ‘La Linterna’ and member of the jury of the awards.

«All the big newspapers have what we usually call flags and that reconcile you with the community of readers. In the modern press this is seen as something very old, but we, as we do not have a complex, we continue to bet on solidarity “, Quirós stressed to highlight the meaning of the seventeenth edition of these awards.

Solidarity projects

The largest prize went to the Tambo Children Association. She won the first prize in the Solidarity Project modality and the 40,000 euros will go to the reception of indigenous mothers and their children thanks to the construction and start-up of a shelter in the central Peruvian jungle for young mothers with school-age children where it will give them shelter and food. “We have thrown ourselves enormously. We have made cocoa plantations, cooperatives, ambulances, schools. Now, thanks to the help of ABC Solidario and the Seville City Council, which finances the project, we are building a residence for women and children who have no family. They are people who have been raped and live alone among four woods and leaves that cover them and eat the roots of the plants.. They have no education or a doctor to treat them, “he explained. Ernesto Garcia Lechuga, President of the Asociación Niños del Tambo.

The second prize in this category, of 20,000 euros, went to the organization Solidarity, Education and Development and his project for the construction of maternal and child ward in Baringo County, Kenya, an area where the risk of mortality increases every year due to the practice of female genital mutilation and where girls and adolescents are affected by this practice and by unwanted pregnancies. Javier Salazar, director of the organization, has shared one of his dreams this Wednesday afternoon and that is that one day we can stop using the word “solidarity” and instead use “fraternity”. “When there is solidarity, it is always one who is in solidarity and another who receives and that difference generates inequalities that are not transformative, but with fraternity, one shakes hands and walks together, each one offers what he has and we all share”, has stood out.

The third and last award of this modality, of 10,000 euros, was won Caritas Diocesana of Barcelona and the president of Cáritas Española received the award, Manuel Breton, who thanked this newspaper and its sponsors for the amount “will allow Caritas to continue carrying out this action aimed at people who have suffered the consequences of this enormous crisis.” And the award-winning project consists of giving financial aid to vulnerable groups to cover their essential needs, an initiative that -as Bretón has pointed out- helps to «alleviate the most urgent situations, eliminate the causes of poverty and inequality of the people who need it the most and who are hit the hardest.

Solidarity entity

The winning entity of this edition is the New Healt Foundationh, which got 20,000 euros. The organization is dedicated to the optimization of health systems, social care and family support to improve the quality of life in advanced disease processes, high dependency and the last stages of life. In short, to take care, as Isabel Donado, general director of the foundation, has synthesized. “We do not like the idea of ​​dying, but death is an indispensable part of the wonderful adventure that is living, what we do not have is to suffer in this process,” said Donado when collecting the award.

In this sense, he added that «Covid has once again reminded us of what matters most, that we must look at the person and not at the disease, that it is more about caring than curing, that we have to protect our elders, that technology helps but cannot replace everything and that the community has a strength incomparable and very powerful when you come together to help people in need. ” Finally, he recalled that «Palliative care is mandatory by law in our country “and that” they do not reach those who need it. ” For this reason, from the foundation they advocate “for a much more humane health system that joins the social one” and will continue to help the community.

University volunteering

Finally, in the modality of University Volunteering, ‘Never Alone’ is the winning project and has been developed by the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria University School of Nursing, attached to the University of La Laguna de Tenerife. Very excited, Marta Rodriguez Belzuz, a Nursing undergraduate student, thanked all the volunteers and entities that have supported the project and reiterated that “loneliness is a serious social problem that we have wanted to face from a nursing perspective, from care.” The student has gone up to collect the award together with Rosa Aguilar, Magnificent rector of the University of La Laguna, who has assured that “this award will help encourage students to participate in sustainable development projects.”

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