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About 80% of the Consell Bonoviaje reservations are made in hotels

A waiter attends a terrace in Benidorm

A waiter attends a terrace in Benidorm

Tourism Valencian Community has registered so far this year a total of 12,071 reservations made through the Travel Voucher, which correspond to the second period of the Viatgem CV program, and which join the 9,157 reservations made during the last quarter of 2020. Likewise, these reservations made from January to March are, for the most part, for trips between the next few months April and June, taking advantage of the extra period that the Generalitat has granted to this second period of the program, which is extended until mid-June, due to perimeter restrictions in recent weeks. The destinations most in demand by users of the Travel Bonus are in the province of Alicante: Benidorm, Finestrat, Altea, Calpe, Benimantell, Xábia and Alicante; Peñíscola and Morella in Castellón and the city of Valencia.

According to the regional secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer, “during this second period of the program We travel Community Valenciana we have already distributed more than 17,000 vouchers, and we have a waiting list of more than 37,700 people “.

Once again, Colomer thanked the great acceptance of this initiative that, in his opinion, “highlights the dynamization of internal tourism in the Valencian Community at a time when the sector needs it most”. According to the data managed by Turisme to date, the more than 12,000 reservations they will benefit more than 36,000 people residing in the Valencian Community. This figure responds to the general average of three people per travel reservation. Remember that the minimum travel group required by the voucher is two people.

However, Colomer has indicated that these figures will increase as more bonds are distributed and more reservations are made. The program is endowed with 12 million euros for the two periods of 2021: from January 1 to June 15 and from September 15 to December 31.

In addition, the average stay of the aforementioned reservations will exceed three nights in all types of accommodation, being much higher in campsites, which will reach an average of twelve nights, or in tourist homes, which will exceed six. For hotels, the average stay will be more than four nights. In the same way, 48.8% of the users of this travel voucher will make stays outside the weekend, which represents a significant revitalization of the tourism sector.

The most popular type of accommodation is the hotel with about 78% of the total reservations, followed by rural accommodation, which accounts for more than 10% of the total number of reservations. On the other hand, the regional secretary of Tourism has emphasized the high packetization of reservations, “which means that users are not limited to enjoying the accommodation, but include all kinds of services that benefit other sectors directly and indirectly.”

“These are results that can contribute to the resistance of small and medium-sized companies that offer tourist experiences of all kinds in the Region,” he added.

In addition, he wanted to emphasize that “we have 1,410 member companies and nearly 70% of the grants awarded and justified have already been paid in this second period, which correspond to the 1,297 reservations already made and enjoyed from January to March, which represents an important direct injection to the tourism sector “.

It is a 70% discount voucher to travel through the three provinces, with the aim of stimulating the demand for internal tourist services in periods of seasonality due to the negative socio-economic effects caused by COVID-19.

This second period of the Viatgem CV program was launched on January 1 and will run until June 15 through the bonoviajecv.gva.es platform.

It should be remembered that each Travel Voucher issued by Tourism Valencian Community sCreate a credit reserve of 600 euros, in the event that the reservation is not formalized within 7 days or the maximum amount is not exhausted when applying the 70% discount, more codes are released and more bonuses are awarded in order of waiting list. At the moment, the waiting list goes by number 17,167.


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