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According to Joe Manchin, families would use the tax credit to buy drugs

Joe Manchin, the Democratic senator from West Virginia, said he would not approve in its current form Joe Biden’s Build Back Better which allocates billions of federal dollars to expand access to affordable housing, Medicare, childcare and that considered extending one more year to continue granting the child tax credit, Among many other things.

Manchin argued that he “cannot” support the legislation due to its size and because you are concerned that inflation will worsen and the national debt of the United States will increase substantially.

But in conversations off the record with other senators, stated that he had concerns about how people would use some of the benefits, such as monthly child tax credit payments, as according to a HuffPost post, the senator noted that he does not trust the low-income parents spend money wisely because they could buy drugs.

In contrast, Quartz published information showing that the senator’s fears are unfoundedAs the monthly payments of the child tax credit have already reached 35 million American families since July, as part of the emergency legislation against the pandemic.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) temporarily expanded the amount of child tax credits and began sending half the money, up to $ 3,600 for children up to age six and $ 3,000 for children ages six to 16, as payments. in cash for all but the wealthiest families. While the remaining half was left in a lump sum for families to claim in annual taxes.

Between July and October, the U.S. Census Bureau collected data on how people used child tax credit payments Y found that monthly payments of $ 250 or $ 300 per child (depending on their age) were intended to help alleviate child poverty by providing families with a constant source of income to spend on food and other household expenses, or address other financial needs.

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When people spend money, they do it on housing, food and school expenses, such as tuition and books, according to the survey.

The additional income made a difference for families because even in the primemonths of the program, reduced the number of families living in poverty.

The child tax credit payments were temporary and the last payments of the year were made on December 15, and underprivileged families are already worried about what they will have to cope with without additional income. The Build Back Better Act proposed payments for one more year, ranking the US among the 100 countries with a cash benefits program for children and families.

Democrats hope to pick up the issue again in 2022, but if the expansion of the child tax credit is not approved, millions of families could find it difficult to pay for household expenses again.

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