Monday, April 19

Accused of falsifying the signature of his landlady to avoid eviction in Alicante

The trial should have been held yesterday in the Third Section of the Alicante Court but it was already suspended because the defendant was missing. Yesterday he could be located by the Police and he was detained and placed at the disposal of the Alicante court on duty so that it could decide whether any measure should be taken to guarantee that he appeared for the trial. Finally, it was agreed to release him and he has been suitably summoned for the oral hearing, which has again been scheduled for next April.

The facts to be prosecuted yesterday date back to October 2017 as a result of the owner of the flat where the defendant lived, filed an eviction lawsuit with the court because the court did not pay the rent. The debt amounted to 8,750 euros. The court had already sent him a request to pay the outstanding monthly payments or to leave the property. The man presented several allegedly falsified receipts with the court assuring that the money owed had already been paid. In these receipts he came to simulate the signature of the owner of the house. The eviction procedure led to the opening of criminal proceedings when it was found that the owner of the apartment had not received any payment and that the documentation provided did not correspond to reality.

Fake money at flea markets

On the other hand, a defendant accused of paying with false money in markets in the province of Alicante yesterday accepted a sentence of five years in prison for these events at the Murcia Court, as reported yesterday by Efe. The defendant, to whom the Police intervened 30,540 false euros, acknowledged the facts and settled for serving the sentence of five years and one month in prison agreed by the prosecution and his defense.

The defendant, AEA, who was defended by the Murcian law firm Mariano Bo, assumed the provisional conclusions of the prosecution, which indicated that on March 26, 2018, in a field located in the Murcian district of Los Garres, the Police found a refrigerator buried in the ground, inside which were several wads of bills that had been forged.

The fingerprints found there allowed the identity of the person who would later be arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the events and now under trial.

With his acknowledgment at the oral hearing, he also admitted that at his home the agents found garments of little value that he had bought in markets and shops located in Murcia and in towns in Alicante, such as Torrevieja, Benidorm, Orihuela and Guardamar.

With these purchases for a small amount, what he achieved was that the returns of the false twenty-euro bills that he delivered for them were made in legal tender. After his arrest, carried out on March 21, 2019 when he was in his vehicle at a Murcia gas station, a search was carried out at his home, where almost a thousand equally false bills were found. The total number of tickets seized was 1,528.

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