Thursday, December 2

Accused of raping in Tenerife a young woman whom he summoned to take care of his daughter

The accused testifies before magistrates of Section V.

The Public Ministry requests eight years in prison and compensation of 5,000 euros al man of Venezuelan nationality accused to commit a sexual assault on a young Nicaraguan in January 2019, with which, after seeing an advertisement for the victim on the internet, contacted him to supposedly take care of his three-year-old daughter. The events occurred in a beach parking The Teresitas, on Santa Cruz of Tenerife.

The lawyer of the affected woman requests nine years in prison for the individual, while the defense attorney raised her free acquittal, based on the fact that, according to her, the complainant has incurred contradictions throughout different statements during the process, the forensics did not detect specific lesions of a sexual assault in the girl’s private parts and the account of the rape or the postures does not seem credible to him. The trial took place yesterday.

It all started in the first days of 2019. The young Nicaraguan lived in The Palm and posted an ad on the internet in which she offered to work as a housekeeper or babysitter. The defendant today contacted her, as he needed “to take care of her three-year-old daughter in the afternoon.” Among other things, the individual stated that earned 1,150 euros and he promised that, between him and the mother of the child, they would pay him between 700 and 800 euros. And, in addition, he proposed to the girl that she live in his house.

WhatsApp messages were exchanged between the two about working conditions, such as hours, salaries, days off or residence. But in the following days, always at the initiative of the accused today, they talked about more personal matters, as if she had a boyfriend, or if she would like to go out to dinner, to a disco or to have drinks with him. In this context, the Venezuelan also asked the complainant to send him photos of his tattoos. And she agreed, because she did not think that “that was a bad thing” or that there was bad intention in the request. Furthermore, he promised her that if she married him, he would give her Spanish nationality; a lie, since he does not own it. He also asked her to wear bathing suits when she moved to Tenerife, as “they were going to have a good time.” On January 14, the young woman arrived at the Tenerife North airport from La Palma. And the now accused came to pick her up after buying beers. Directly, the individual drove his vehicle to the beach of Las Teresitas when the sun was about to set, with the excuse that at that time his daughter was with the biological mother.

According to the affected, their discomfort began when they were sitting on the sand, since he began to touch her and try to kiss her. As she felt uncomfortable, the young woman asked to go back to the car. According to the victim’s account, the individual pushed her onto the passenger seat, took off the tight sweatpants she was wearing and her underwear, and penetrated her vagina against her will, after hitting her several times in different parts. from his body.

At a certain time and to avoid the transmission of sexual diseases, the girl asked the boy to put on a condom. According to the defendant, he went to look for it in the trunk, while the victim said that he took it out of the glove compartment. And then he continued with the sexual assault.

Once he allegedly committed the rape, the defendant started the vehicle and went to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Transport Interchange, where the woman got off. The Venezuelan man left the suitcase there and left, according to the victim. Seeing herself alone, the girl called a friend who lives in San Isidro (Granadilla) and went to her home. She was very upset and that night she did not tell her compatriot anything. But the next day, she confessed what she had suffered and the friend encouraged her to report, after a police officer confirmed that it did not matter that she was in an irregular situation in the country. A forensic doctor and a gynecologist from Hospital La Candelaria confirmed that the victim had several injuries to the arms, back of the right hand, right thigh or left hip, which were compatible with a possible struggle and the use of nails. Both professionals detected that the victim had a reddened genital area.

These specialists confirmed that in adult women who have already had sexual intercourse no major injuries are seen when they are raped. And that, among other things, the redness of her vagina could be compatible with a sexual assault. The case is judged in Section V of the Provincial Court from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and yesterday he was seen for sentencing.

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