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accuses the PSOE of “denying or ignoring most” of its proposals




The tensions and “Substantial discrepancies” in the coalitionAccording to sources from Podemos from the Government, they motivate the minority party to go “on the attack” and transfer its “Discomfort” and “concern” for “the lack of will” of the PSOE with a text that should be approved before February 28. United We Can (UP) has resorted to its strategy of pressure through the media to unblock housing law one month after having to be presented in the Council of Ministers.

PSOE and UP reached an agreement in October for the Government to approve the intervention of the rental market prices within a maximum period of three months and will reach Congress in a maximum of four. Was this the deal he got unblock the coalition government budget deal; and it was with this tug of war like the second vice president, Popen churches, tore the commitment to the socialists at the last minute.

We can criticize that the PSOE «is holding back the fulfillment of the Government agreement, denying or ignoring the vast majority of the proposals put forward by UP »after two unproductive meetings in recent weeks between the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Ione Grass, and the team of José Luis Ábalos.

According to the agreement, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of Abalos and the Second Vice Presidency of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 of Pablo Iglesias are the co-proponents of the law.

Four pitfalls

The “main disagreements” with the PSOE are on four points. In the first place, Podemos wants to “force” the large homeowners (“banks, vulture funds …”) to dedicate a part of their properties to social rent; second, Podemos wants to maintain the “permanent prohibition” of evictions without housing alternative to vulnerable families beyond the state of alarm.

Third, they want to apply “effective measures” to promote the exit of empty housing to the rental market, with, for example, a tax on these uninhabited houses. And the fourth stumbling block: the Socialists “have not yet responded” to the proposal that UP sent them four months ago to intervene in rent prices.

The Portuguese formula of the PSOE

As ABC explained a few weeks ago, the PSOE proposes tax aid to owners who lower rental prices. A model similar to Portugal’s Accessible Leasing Program (PAA). However, since the Second Vice Presidency they have studied that program and assure that it is “a failure”, “it is not effective and it does not achieve the political objective of regulating income ”.

The document signed in October by PSOE and UP states that “to comply with what was agreed in the Coalition Government agreement between Unidos Podemos and PSOE, both formations have agreed to regulate the containment of rental income in the Housing Law.”

“I was committed and it is not being done or making progress,” said the co-spokesperson of the Podemos Executive on Monday, Isa Serra |, during a party press conference. «There are permanent pressures, but you have to be brave and you have to decide if you are with the large vulture funds or with the families that cannot pay the rent, you must have the right to housing guaranteed, ”he continued.

We can not trust that, given the status of the negotiation, the agreed deadlines are met. “We are working on making it so, but we will have to ask the PSOE, we are showing that we want the deadlines to be met,” said Serra.

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