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Ace of Base survivor: “I have known success, I have been at the top… And you don’t know how lonely it is”

He tells us about his ‘Beautiful Life’


The Swedish singer -who has a house in Spain- returned to Madrid this Saturday to participate in Love The 90s. One of the biggest nineties festivals in Europe.

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  • music What happened to these singers who killed you 25 years ago, whose successes you have sung and of whom nothing has been heard since

Since 2004, Swedish quartet Ace of Base he does not go on stage with his original line-up. After becoming the group number one in countries like Spain, the United States, Chile and France, Malin Berggren -the blonde of the group- decided to leave her friend Ulf and her brothers Jenny and Jonas to live a life away from the flashes. Still, the other three members persevered, and for a couple of yearsThey managed to stay on their feet. But inevitably, Ace of Base came to an end. Despite this, Jenny Berggren (50) was not ready to say goodbye, so she made the decision to continue making music. Moreover, in 2010 he launched his first solo album and, for the past decade, has attended the festivals largest in Europe. Among them, Love The 90s. The 90th mega event that took place last Saturday, June 18, at IFEMA.

“How hot it is today! It’s extreme… So I’m really excited thatAnd so many people have come to see me. I just hope that now everyone goes to drink something cool to kill off the high of those four songs that we sang. It may be little for some, but for me it’s fine. I like the ‘quiet’ shows, to put it in some way”, commented the Swedish when coming down from the Madrid stage. One that, according to her words, is like “her second home”. And that is that the interpreter of The Sign and Beautiful Life is actually the owner of a home on the Peninsula. So, in one way or another, in Spain you feel “at home”. “I bought an apartment in 2016 and since then I’m trying to learn Spanish… But the truth is that it is difficult. I speak a bit of Italian and I don’t know if it’s that much alike, but I try to speak a mixture in restaurants… And people understand me! The problem is that you guys talk too fast.” signal.

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“Despite that, I must say that I like your language. And also I really like the Spanish! It is that the place where I have my house is very ‘Spanish’, so I have to interact with everyone in town….And I think they are wonderful people. They are warm and you know that in Sweden we are not so like that. Also, the weather is perfect. Although for a Swede, sometimes, it can be too much. Phew! I think your summer is too long… But I let myself be carried away by the Spanish. I see what they wear and I try to dress the same so as not to be hot or cold, that’s my technique”, he indicated, and then spoke about the feelings that the Iberian public evokes in him. “You are the most. In terms of euphoria you are behind Argentina, but I think the most special stories I have heard are in Spain. I love it when fans come up to me and tell me about their lives or anecdotes have experienced with Ace of Base’s music,” he said.

And it is that, as Berggren well knows, songs like Happy Nation, Lucky Love either wheel of fortune They reached the top of the Spanish rankings. “If you ask me, I think that the success of Ace of Base in Spain had two fundamental pillars: the radio and the fans, that make us still in force. The group may not be in the magazines anymore, but there are people who continue to defend our songs because they say ‘This is my music, I grew up with this, I identify with this’. We may not be in fashion anymore, but we belong to the history of certain people. Above all, here, where people vibrate a lot with what they like. That’s why I get emotional when I sing, for example, All That She Wants, 30 years after its premiere. Because stirs up memories in people. They remember the first time they went to a disco or fell in love. There are people who have even married to the rhythm of All That She Wants! and all those stories they seem special to me yam, in particular, seems unique to me to be able to accompany our fans in all those stages of their lives”, he affirmed.

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According to Berggren, his highest task today is keep the fans of Ace of Base company. That is why, for a long time, he has not released his own music. However, that was about to change. “Let’s see… In 2010, I released an album called my story and then I was on a TV show which has a lot of music. But it’s been a while since she released material. Even though I’m 50 now, I feel like doing things that I feel like doing. Like launching a couple of songs that I have lying around. For example, one called open and alive. In addition to recording some song written by my brother, who was also part of the group. I think that will be my way of keeping my followers happy, give them back what they have done for me. It’s true, I could do a whole album, but that’s not the way I want to work right now. I’m not interested in being a ‘big’ again.” explained. What’s more, Jenny claims that she is no longer interested in success. Neither to her, nor to the rest of the components of Ace of Base.

“Definitely, We are not going to meet again. And I don’t know if we consider that to be the best, but it is the way we find to be okay. So we prefer this: I keep doing tours, small shows and I meet all the people who still love us very much. And I like this life. It’s great to be able to travel the world and then come home. I live in Gothenburg, with my two children -ages 15 and 17- and my husband, and the truth is that I am very satisfied with everything. I have learned that the most important thing is not to be successful, but connect with people. And I’m telling you this because I I have known success, I have been at the top. And you don’t know how lonely it is. It is cold, it is frigid and there is no more room for others with you. There was a time when we said ‘yes, everything is fine’, but we just wanted to get out of there… And it seemed that we never finished. And now I understand that I don’t need that to be happy. Now I ask God only ‘let me bloom where you want to plant me’ and today he has sent me with you, to Madrid, “he concluded.

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