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Acquitted for lack of evidence the accused of assaulting a villa in Badajoz and handcuffing its owners

The defendant denies having participated in the assault on a chalet in Badajoz. / c. Brown

The Prosecutor’s Office asked for 14 years in prison but he has only been sentenced to 6 months for reception because he bought a watch from the robbery

Evaristo Fdez de Vega

The young man for whom the Prosecutor’s Office requested 15 years in prison for locking a married couple in the basement of a villa in Badajoz to rob them will not be convicted of this crime due to lack of evidence, although he has been found guilty of a crime of reception by acquire one of the watches from that loot despite knowing that the object came from a robbery.

That ruling is the one that will appear in the sentence that the Provincial Court of Badajoz will dictate in the next few days after the representative of the Public Prosecutor and the defense lawyer have reached a prior agreement on Thursday that prevents the trial from being held.

The lawyer who has represented the defendant is Marco Antonio Mateo, a lawyer from Madrid who, before entering the courtroom, had already highlighted the weakness of the evidence weighing against the accused, also from Madrid. In his opinion, there was no point in accusing a person of the robbery who could only be linked to that fact by the watch that he had in his possession when the police arrested him for a different crime.

The police investigation also placed him at the scene of the events, considering that he was the person who used a mobile phone that was located in Badajoz by telephone repeaters the day the assault was committed.

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But Marco Antonio Mateo defended that this telephone number was not related to the defendant and abounded in the idea that there were no fingerprints or biological remains that would place him in the Badajoz chalet.

These circumstances have been taken into account by the Prosecutor’s Office when formulating a sentence that only contemplates a crime of reception for which a sentence of 6 months in prison is imposed because the value of the seized watch exceeds 400 euros.

The prosecutor in this proceeding has been Diego Yebra, who has recognized that despite the efforts made by the National Police to provide evidence that would incriminate the defendant, there is no clear evidence to support a request for a sentence that was close to 15 years in prison. prison. “On the other hand, it has been possible to prevent the victims of this terrible event from having to relive what happened by declaring in court.”

Yebra explained that the resolution of this type of crime is not easy because they are usually committed by highly specialized criminal gangs who, as has happened in this case, wore gloves and made sure to disconnect their mobile phones before acting.

In any case, the prosecutor considers it positive that the defendant has recognized himself as the author of a reception crime given that at no time during the procedure has he been able to justify the legal origin of the watch that he had in his possession.

His lawyer confirms that the defendant has never denied having acquired that watch in a town in Madrid, a fact for which a sentence has finally been imposed on him that does not require him to enter prison because the sentence is less than two years in prison. .

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After this sentence, the robbery that during the early hours of June 1, 2015, was perpetrated by three hooded men in a house on Andrés Chordi Corvo street (behind the Aldi supermarket on Adolfo Díaz Ambrona avenue), which they accessed using a ladder that allowed them to jump the perimeter wall.

In that assault, the criminals tied up the couple who occupied the house and locked them up for two hours in the basement, managing to take 8,000 euros in cash and various watches (one of them a Citizen of great value) and other effects that were valued by an expert at 6,644 euros.

The Prosecutor’s Office considered what happened to be a robbery with violence and intimidation in an inhabited house (proposing for this crime 4 years and 8 months in prison after applying the aggravating circumstances of disguise and abuse of superiority) and two crimes of illegal detention (requesting a total of 10 years in prison, five for each arrest).

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