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Acquitted in Valladolid a man accused of breaking his partner’s nose and sexually assaulting her

The Audience of Valladolid has issued acquittal in the case of a man who had been accused of mistreating his sentimental partner, to the point of fracturing her nasal septum, as well as sexually assaulting her at the home they shared in the city.

The aforementioned man had been accused by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of a crime of injuries, a ongoing crime of serious threats, a misdemeanor continued harassment and a offense of penetrative sexual assault, with the concurrence of the aggravation of kinship with respect to the third and last of the crimes, and for which he was exposed to a total of 14 years in prison, together with 15 of prohibition of communicating and approaching the victim, ten of probation , the completion of a sex education course and the payment to the alleged victim of 6,250 euros for injuries and non-pecuniary damages.

However, the court has finally resolved to acquit the defendant, in line with the request of his defense, finding “before totally contradictory versions, without the statement of the complainant having been corroborated by data or peripheral elements that support their statements“, he concludes in his sentence, according to information from the Press Office of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León collected by Europa Press.

The events date back to September 9, 2018 when a woman appeared before the Salamanca Police Station filing a complaint stating that she had had a sentimental relationship with the accused since January of that year and that, although in at first the relationship was normal, the same had been deteriorating showing the aggressive and offensive prosecution with her, at the same time that he had uttered degrading or insulting phrases against him.

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He stressed that during the last part of their relationship he had been subjected to continuous harassment, insults, threats and physical and sexual violence, although he had never denounced it until that moment. Specifically, she explained that at the beginning of August of that year her partner attacked her by fracturing her nose, although she did not report him out of fear. She also reported that later, on September 8, after making threats against her, the now acquitted man forced her to have sex on the sofa at the family home in Valladolid. Once the attack was over, the victim locked herself in her room and reported what happened to a friend of hers, who made a public vehicle (UBER) available to her for her transfer to Salamanca, where she was examined at the University Clinical Hospital. .

The defendant’s defense considered that the facts pursued were not constitutive of a criminal offense any on the part of his client, requesting, consequently, the free acquittal of the same, with all the favorable pronouncements and official declaration of the costs of the procedure, as has finally happened.

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